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How ShopBack predicts & reduces disengagement & attrition with EngageRocket







Employees who have been with the company for 1-2 years are considerably less engaged


BELONG Employee Lifecycle Pulse Survey, Driver and Impact Analysis 


  • In one year, ShopBack has reduced the number of detractors by 30%
  • Early warning system: ShopBack prevents unwanted disengagement & attrition 
  • Action plan with immediate ROI on targeted drivers of engagement: Recognition & Growth



ShopBack is one of South East Asia’s most innovative and exciting businesses. The Singapore-based company, which has received more than USD $40m in funding, offers a rewards program for online and offline shoppers. So far, they have awarded more than USD $25m in cash back to over 7 million users, and increased demand for more than 1,500 merchants.

With more than 200 employees spread across 8 countries, ShopBack uses EngageRocket to identify, measure, and improve the key drivers of employee engagement.


Continuous Listening through Pulse Surveys 

Since June 2017, ShopBack has tracked employee engagement through eNPS (employee net promoter score) on a quarterly basis through pulse surveys. Through EngageRocket's real-time reporting engine, they were able to rapidly identify areas of disengagement and opportunities for improvement across different parts of the organization. 


Shopback EngageRocket Customer Case Study


For a fast-paced venture-funded start-up, this immediacy is critical for calibrating various People initiatives, nipping talent engagement issues in the bud, and ensuring the company continues to hit its aggressive business milestones.

Since beginning the program, ShopBack has raised the overall engagement scores, the company eNPS, and seen a decrease in the number of detractors by 30%.




‘Post-Honeymoon Dip’

Based on the initial engagement surveys, ShopBack identified that existing employees who had been with the company for 1-2 years had lower engagement scores.  Results highlighted that for these employees, the number of detractors was higher, with lower scores in terms of their sense of accomplishment, personal growth, and recognition.

These insights empowered ShopBack to be proactive about seeking ways to overcome this ‘post-honeymoon dip’.


A predictive warning system for talent attrition

By analyzing the results more deeply, ShopBack found that non-respondents had a 2.7x higher likelihood of leaving the company within 6 months.


Actionable insights for immediate action

EngageRocket helped ShopBack with an impact analysis and concluded that both recognition & growth had the biggest impact on engagement. These insights empowered ShopBack to apply a targeted focus on finding ways to recognize their team and to help them grow professionally. 


recognition Shopback

Quarterly KICKON Awards (for ShopBackers who demonstrate the Core Values)



ShopBack planned and deployed initiatives quickly. The People team initiated Individual Development Plans for all employees. Employees were supported to grow their careers, as well as acquire new capabilities and soft skills relevant to their roles. 

To improve recognition for good work, the People team launched shout-outs to individuals with outstanding contributions during monthly town halls, as well as a quarterly awards ceremony to acknowledge employees who strongly demonstrated the company values.



shobpack mentions
Example of a Monthly Shoutout at Townhall



The company also recently implemented a TAB, or "Take a Break" benefit, which can be used to cover holidays, spa treatments, or even yoga and meditation classes. This was in recognition of the tough marathon that employees have been running over the past few years.



tab shopback



Lastly, the People team worked through individual managers to identify and problem-solve issues for their teams. Where relevant, teams were sent for programs to uncover each other’s strengths and working preferences, thereby increasing engagement and team effectiveness.

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