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We pride ourselves on enabling human connections at scale for companies around the globe.

This is why we have a dedicated team working hard in improving our solutions to bring better employee experience for everyone.

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People Science is a scientific approach to help understand human behavior at the workplace.

Our People Science team would apply these scientific approaches…

people science value 1 understand the impact of human behaviors at the workplace

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The 2021 Guide to Benchmarking

An in-depth guide covering the methodology behind our people analytics platform’s benchmarking capabilities, including a spotlight on eNPS across countries and industries.


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People Science articles


Mitigate Employee Survey Fatigue (1)

Mitigate survey fatigue among blue-collar workers with 6 powerful tips

Despite being an effective method to collect data, constant surveying can lead to fatigue and a precursor to low participation rates, one of the most common concerns that we’ve heard.

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Using predictive analytics to improve employee experience 

Our Lead People Scientist Yvonne Tan explains how organizations can use predictive analysis to get actionable insights to improve employee experience at any workplace.

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Taking impactful actions between two Employee Engagement Surveys (EES)

Sonali Sharma, VP of Product & People Science at EngageRocket, shares best practices for organizations who just completed their first employee engagement or experience survey.

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