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Highly engaged teams see a 14-18% lift in productivity, drop in absenteeism by 81%, and 18-43% improvement in turnover. The incremental business value of EX is undeniable and has clear impact on company's bottom line.



Employee Engagement & Experience


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CGS-CIMB partners EngageRocket to calibrate its people strategies and focus on future-ready HR policies, so the organization can engage and develop its people.

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ShopBack - Headquarter Locations, Competitors, Financials, Employees

With EngageRocket, Shopback was able to identify areas of disengagement and opportunities of improvement across different parts of the organization.

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G able uses EngageRocket to improve employee experience


G-Able found itself addressing disengagement issues by measuring and enhancing employee experience as they aimed to be an integrated digital workplace.

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M-DAQ utilizes real-time employee feedback to encourage its people to collaborate better, contribute stronger, and stay longer

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Performance Management


NTUC Health group photo feature


This healthcare social enterprise aims to empower their leaders through tailored development programs, powered by employee data.

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APRW improves performance management


Learn how this high-performing integrated communications agencies found success in the digital transformation of their performance review system.

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EZ Link uses EngageRocket platform for employee development


EZ-Link uses EngageRocket's platform to monitor employees' development progress, which provided them insights on priority initiatives and leadership effectiveness.

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Remote & Hybrid Working


Rentokil deployed people first strategy to retain and engage employees

Rentokil logo

Rentokil's People First strategy kept staff retention and engagement high by listening and responding to peoples' needs even during a period of crisis. 

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Singapore Land Authority took proactive approach in digital HR transformation

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The organization took a proactive approach in navigating the transition to be a digital-ready organization almost overnight during the turbulent period.

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Company Culture


Tanglin Club EngageRocket featured image


How Singapore's prestigious social club Tanglin Club enables their multi-generation workforce to thrive through continuous listening and proactive actions

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Halodoc team

Halodoc logo

Paired with a strong mission, health tech startup Halodoc aims to build a culture that prioritises innovation and passion through the use of real-time people data

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Starhub teamstarhub logo - no space

StarHub improved its culture by prioritising engagement, wellness, and learning & development to help employees thrive and manage their personal growth.

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Love, Bonito aimed to align its customer and employee experience to engage, hire,  and retain the best people even as the company continues to grow.

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KLC International championed learning and people-oriented culture


Learn how KLC International Institute championed learning and created a people-oriented culture through employee listening and continuous innovation.

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Our data will help you compare against others in a similar industry. EngageRocket platform facilitates both internal and external benchmarking. 


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We have a team of experts working hard to decode employee experience. Every question, data, and analysis is backed by research from our People Science team.


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At EngageRocket, we make it our mission to help you implement and use our platform successfully.

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