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Lattice vs CultureAmp vs EngageRocket (2023 update)

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Are your employees engaged? Does "engaged" mean happy, satisfied, something else or more?

Engaged employees, according to LEADxCEO Kevin Kruse are employees that are emotionally connected to their organizations. Engaged employees go beyond being happy and satisfied, which are fleeting feelings that do not convert into productivity.

When employees are engaged, they walk the talk with you and travel extra-miles to realize your organizational vision. A salary rise or a promotion would make them happy, but they are not in the job only for these perks. They desire to make a difference, an intention key to transforming your organization into the next change-maker.

A derivative of employee experience (EX), employee engagement covers 4 key elements. They are employees’ mental state at work, motivation quotient, commitment to work and the organization, and the extent of sense of belonging they experience.

So, are you nurturing an engaged workforce? How to find out if your employees are engaged? And, why should you care if your employees are engaged or not?


Why employee engagement is a significant metric

The degree of employee turnover that can be reduced with a highly engaged workforce lies between 25% and 59%. A highly engaged workforce delivers the following benefits:

✅ A 100% increase in the level of discretionary effort by employees. Discretionary effort is a reference to the effort that an employee wants to do voluntarily. This goes beyond the efforts that he/ she is expected to put in, by the organization.

An increase in productivity by 17%, an increase in profitability by 21%, and an improvement in customer ratings by 10%.

✅ A whopping 87% increase in retention rates

✅ Reduced absenteeism. Engaged employees show 41% less likeliness to absent themselves from work.

(Source: Finances Online)

Why employee engagement is a significant metric


The current employee engagement landscape: Insights

A study of more than 60,000 employees through EngageRocket’s BELONG has the following insights:


management icon

About 45% of employees express lack of confidence in their organization’s future


integrate icon

A shift to a fragmented culture in increasingly evident. A sense of belonging to teams is witnessed. But a sense of belonging to the whole organization is missing


pay icon

A significant proportion of employees feels the need for more efficient measures to handle performance issues. Many employees express intense dissatisfaction over compensations for their contributions.


integrate icon

A sense of disconnection exists between employees and the senior leadership.


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Only 50% of employees express satisfaction with their work-life balance. Over 50% of employees admit to experiencing moderate-to-high stress at work every day.


Gauging employee engagement is crucial to make improvements that lead to a positive change. Real-time insights into employee engagement help:

✔️ Identify issues early and correct them before they worsen
✔️ Build trust in employees by instilling the confidence in them that they have got your ear
✔️ Encourage employees to connect through meaningful conversations
✔️ Nurture a workforce with high morale factor

Reliable employee engagement tech can help obtain accurate insights into your workforce and implement timely measures for organizational success.

Given here is a comparison of some leading employee engagement measuring technologies – EngageRocket vs Culture Amp vs Lattice. Know why EngageRocket leads the way among these worthy competitors. 

Lattice logo

Lattice enables organizations to build a positive workplace with engagement surveys across multiple parameters. Companies can conduct pulse surveys, gather onboarding & exit insights, evaluate eNPS scores and execute deep-dive surveys.

The solution looks to promote employee engagement across the performance dimension. Features in this segment include one-on-one conversation tools, continuous feedback gathering and recognition tools.

Lattice measures engagement through employee growth. From competency guides to growth promoters and career plan setters, Lattice aims for employee advancement in line with organizational goals.


Advantages of Lattice

Lattice aims to promote engagement by improving employee productivity, growth and engagement. The platform offers robust analytics across these segments. Organizations, as a result, have reliable data to drive concrete actions for improved employee engagement.


Gauge employee engagement

Companies can gain an understanding on how engaged their employees are, with a range of metrics.

  • Pulse surveys give real-time data insights into employee engagement. 
  • Lifecycle surveys for insights into engagement during onboarding and exit. These are automated surveys with built-in and customizable templates. As an automated task, it is integrated into the process rather than being an afterthought.
  • eNPS surveys, a crowd-favorite, cannot be excluded in a Lattice comparison. These surveys give insights into organizational elements that employees feel are their greatest inspiration. Results inform if top performers are happy, or are dissatisfied and ready to move to another company.
  • Deep-dive surveys are available to make surveys a process unto themselves. Organizations can use these surveys to get continuous insights on employee experience.
  • Robust sharing enables excellent collaboration among stakeholders, facilitating implementation of the right engagement strategies at the right time.

    Lattice product screenshot


Evaluate employee engagement by measuring performance engagement

  • Run performance review surveys to assess an employee’s performance based on a project or overall accomplishments. Improve engagement by discovering areas where employees need follow-up.
  • 1:1 meeting feature facilitates goal-oriented meetings, quality conversations and improved managerial guidance.
  • Feedback tool facilitates continuous feedback surveys instead of ad hoc or annual reviews. 
  • The Praise feature recognizes good performances, project wins, hard work and more. It also spreads the word across the organization. Praise works on Lattice, or can be integrated into Microsoft Teams or Slack.
  • Updates ensures that critical information is not lost in inefficient communication. Managers can be more in alignment with their teams with weekly Updates. There are customizable Update questions to track team sentiment.  


Drive engagement through employee growth

Lattice drives engagement with tools for career advancement:

  • Competency Matrices feature guides employees on their role expectations and the best ways to achieve advancement.
  • Individual Development Plans enables managers to create long-term and short-term goals for their employees.
  • Career Tracks puts employees on the right track to progress with expert built-in templates. Tracks makes it easier for managers to guide their reports on role expectations as teams grow.
  • Tracks can be converged with 1:1s for a holistic picture on employee engagement. It helps managers mentor reports in a more well-informed way.

    lattice analytics tab diversity explorer


Employ analytics for deeper understanding of employee engagement

Companies can gain an understanding on how engaged their employees are, with a range of metrics.

  • Use DEIB analytics and Sentiment Analysis to promote a diverse and engaged workforce.
  • Lattice integrates performance data with engagement to give a detailed picture of employees’ performance, engagement and progress.
  • With real-time data, collective data insights, expert-built action suggestions, organizations can build action plans for heightened engagement. 


Lattice pricing

Lattice has a transparent pricing model, the details of which are available on its website. Pricing depends on the engagement features chosen by customers.


Disadvantages of Lattice

Customers find many features of Lattice, especially 1:1s, Updates and integrations, valuable. Lattice’ deep-dive and Pulse surveys are also a favorite for many managers. The Feedback feature, with its Public and Private options, continues to receive kudos for the value-addition it offers. Users find the platform intuitive. Despite these benefits, there are a few upgrades that can make Lattice even better.


🚩 Room for better navigation

Usability can be improved with better navigation. The page-switching that happens during weekly Updates review can be prevented. A facility to view additional Updates while being on the same page would be a great improvement. Navigation between pages can be more convenient. Addition of linkable icons to shorten navigation would be a great plus.


🚩 Scope for more value-adding features

Frequency setting of 1:1s should include more options. Right now, the frequency is preset, which means managers have to manually add a meeting. Apart from being cumbersome, this task sometimes results in a technical glitch that alters meeting schedules.


Cultureamp logo

EngageRocket and Culture Amp are strong Lattice alternatives. Culture Amp offers a comprehensive solution for evaluating an organization’s employee engagement. Pulse, diagnostic and deep-dive surveys as well as easy-to-understand analytics make Culture Amp a reliable solution for many organizations.


Advantages of CultureAmp 

Lattice has a transparent pricing model, the details of which are available on its website. Pricing depends on the engagement features chosen by customers.

From incorporating psychologists-backed engagement features to delivering easy-to-use personalized dashboards, Culture Amp aims to make employee engagement simpler. Measure engagement across multiple employee segments and get ready to take action.


Evaluate engagement with surveys and analytics

  • Culture Amp offer over 30 science-supported expert-built survey templates. These templates are customizable too. Surveys are built for engagement assessment, diversity & inclusion evaluation and measuring onboard & exit experience.
  • Survey Focus Agent recommends focus areas for improvement. Use these insights to take immediate action.
  • Use Inspiration guidelines to implement actions that deliver results. These recommendations are based on proven real-time solutions formulated by industry experts.
  • Obtain predictive insights on employee attrition with Culture Amp’s predictive algorithms. These algorithms use performance and engagement data to predict attrition risks.
  • Leverage in-depth reporting to keep management up-to-date with the bigger picture. Share employee engagement reports, key focus areas, and link them to company development, to impart clear understanding.

    CultureAmp Template Library


Promote engagement through performance management

  • Make OKRs and goal-setting simpler and easier with Culture Amp. Ensure goal alignment with organizational objectives, make goals clear for teams and other stakeholders, and share reviews with stakeholders. Make the entire process clearer and more meaningful for all involved.

  • Make 1-on-1s more impactful with shared agendas, built-in reminders, check-in questions, and built-in science-backed recommendations.

  • Infuse fairness and value into performance assessments. Reduce any unconscious bias through templated reviews. These questions are science-based and developed by psychologists. You can also customize review questions. Use calibration reports to accurately assess individual employee contributions.

  • Make reviews more insightful by adding inputs from peers and managers to your own.

  • Enable continuous feedback from relevant stakeholders with an ML-based process.

    performance 1-on-1 cultureamp


Utilize employee development tools to drive engagement

  • Use personalized plans for individual career direction and development. There is also a Trackable Growth Goals feature manageable through the platform that enables employees to track their on-the-job growth. Continuous Prompts keeps users notified on action plans.

  • Employees and managers can also benefit from Culture Amp’s in-built career development guidance developed by people scientists.

  • Bring all engagement data, including L&D, focus areas, on one screen, to identify the most urgent engagement priority.

  • Make organizational development plans available to all stakeholders, including teams and mangers, with a centralized platform.


CultureAmp pricing

Culture Amp presents a tiered pricing plan, customized to the employee strength of an organization. There is the Self-Starter pack for companies with 25-200 employees, Standard pack for 201-999 employee strength and Enterprise pack for 1000+ employees. 


Disadvantages of CultureAmp 

Culture Amp customers find the ready-to-use surveys, templates and customizability, a great plus. Culture Amp Slack integration is quite popular. Still, there are some improvements customers would like to see.


🚩 1:1s can be improved

A Culture Amp review stresses the need for better usability of 1:1s. Right now, viewing 1:1s updates and moving unresolved updates from earlier meetings to the next, is hard.


🚩 Mobile version needs improvement

Culture Amp’s mobile app does not carry the convenience of its web platform. The features are limited, which halts seamless task completion. Replicating the web’s features in the app would enable managers to accomplish tasks faster even while on the go.

Why EngageRocket is a stronger alternative to Lattice and Culture Amp

EngageRocket Logo-3

If you are interested in exploring competent Lattice or Culture Amp alternatives, then EngageRocket is one solution to not miss.

EngageRocket enables organizations to continuously listen to their employees, and helps managers tap into the true potential of their teams. With its science-backed analytics and action suggestions, EngageRocket helps build powerful engagement programs.


Why upgrading to EngageRocket can be best for your organization?

EngageRocket is not a randomly-designed employee engagement technology. The solution has been built on strong science-backed research and data. The People Science team behind EngageRocket leverages data derived from months-long research to deliver engagement solutions that work real-time.


BELONG to assess employee engagement on every key score

BELONG offers employee pulse and lifecycle surveys, and continuous listening with deep-dive surveys.

  • Access a science-backed question library to easily use in your surveys at every stage of the employee milestone; from onboarding to exit

  • Encourage participation through web or mobile. Support for multiple languages and multiple devices is available.

  • Set up communication plans and automated reminders to ensure high participation rate

  • Designed with respondents' confidentiality in mind, so employees can feel safe in voicing their opinions

  • Assess employee engagement with real-time analytics. Use AI-run Topic and Sentiment Analysis for unbiased assessments. Compare engagement levels across segments and teams. Select from a collection of reporting formats for a convenient review.

  • Identify “the most” and “the least” engagement factors driving retention and attrition.

  • Prioritize actions based on an Impact Analysis on engagement drivers.

  • Enable managers to track their team’s engagement quotient with specialized metrics.

    EngageRocket's Belong Heatmap


GROW for multi-rater performance evaluation

  • GROW enables automated performance reviews and feedback. 360-degree feedback, competency evaluations and culture-fit assessment capabilities, are highlights.

  • Easy-to-use with almost no learning curve. Simply assign reviewers, reviews and launch the process. Support for multiple languages and multiple devices available. Web and mobile-compatible.

  • A multi-purpose-use platform customizable to objectives, individuals and teams. You can customize questions or use expert-built templates.

  • Personalize dashboards to individual reviewees. Obtain clear insights on strengths and improvable areas with visual data representations such as Spider Charts and Johari Window.  

  • Let employees plan their career and self-develop more efficiently with in-app planners, goals and task creations, and notifications

    EngageRocket's Grow Dashboard


Use science-backed action suggestions for powerful impact with ACT

EngageRocket promotes engagement by equipping managers with tools that enable them to take actions that result in immediate impact. With these tools, managers understand their teams and their strengths and challenges, better.

  • Individualized dashboards for every manager. The progress each manager has achieved with his/ her team is projected. Dashboard scores engagement drivers so that managers can take appropriate action.

  • Managers get access to expert-built scientifically-proven action suggestions.

  • An Action Library that houses scientifically-backed resources for leadership guidance. The Library is continuously updated with the latest curated content.

  • A HR Dashboard enables the team to track and monitor managerial actions and results. Managers can be empowered with reminders and follow-up communications.

    EngageRocket's ACT action dashboard for managers



In conclusion

Why EngageRocket?

✅ A science-backed and research-driven solution, developed together with People Scientists

✅ Facility for internal and external benchmarking

✅ Responsive customer service (92% customer satisfaction)


Get the right technology to improve your employee experience like never before. Engage, Belong and Grow with EngageRocket. Check out our feature comparison to understand how EngageRocket can create better employee experiences.


Lattice CultureAmp EngageRocket - G2 comparison

Source: G2 customer reviews.