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The HR 2022 Outlook

Covering key trends, challenges, and how organisations can stay on top in their employee experience journey.






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How would 2022 look like for Employee Experience?


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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world for good. The implications of this have been felt in 2021 and will likely remain as we go into 2022. After the initial positive stance and “best foot forward” period in 2020, we have observed a significant dip in employee’s resilience levels, mental health, and confidence in employers.

There is also a rapidly growing gig and remote work economy as organisations seek talent beyond their local borders. As a result, employees are looking at their current state of work with a keen magnifying glass, and the picture emerging is complex. HR must adapt to this new reality where employees and top talent have more opportunities and more reason for change after a closer introspection of their professional lives during this unprecedented crisis period.

The onus is now on HR to stem the tide and formulate forward-looking policies that place the employees squarely at the centre.
Featuring POVs by HR leaders in APAC, this report covers key trends that will become relevant as a result of the pandemic and how organisations can future-proof themselves.


Featuring insights from:


Anita Sadasivan
Anita Jiawen Sadasivan, Chief Wellbeing Officer at MindFi

“Resilience is a marathon. It’s about pacing yourself, knowing when to rest, and how to recharge so you have the energy reserves to keep being creative and trying new ways to reach your goals.”

New Project (6)
CheeTung Leong, Co-Founder of EngageRocket

“In a rapidly changing business environment, goal setting and performance management have to be more agile. Organisations must revisit their definition of productivity – and of work itself – to build a value proposition that is genuinely attractive to top talent.”
Roman Matla (1)
Roman Matla, Director, APAC Diversity & Employee Engagement at Google

“We need to drop the word ‘program’ when it comes to diversity and inclusion. A program implies there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. An inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and safe is not a program; it’s a mindset”
sonali-border (1)
Sonali Sharma, VP of People Science at EngageRocket

“To support the relational needs of evolving organisations, managers need to be empowered, enabled, and equipped with tools to help nurture teams at the ground level. HR can no longer do everything in a world that is hyperlocal and deeply diverse.”

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HR 2022 Outlook cover

Discover key trends that will become relevant as a result of the pandemic and how your organisation can take action for 2022. In this report, you will learn:

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