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The HR 2024 Outlook

HR At The Forefront Of Organizational Transformation

Explore 4 key trends and actionable insights distilled from interviews with 100+ global HR leaders and analysis of millions of employee survey responses.




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HR's top challenges and focus areas in 2024

Amid geopolitical tensions, inflation, and pressing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, HR leaders are actively steering organizations to respond to these macro shocks. As we transition into the new year, these recent challenges continue to exert influence over the organizational landscape and HR leaders are at the forefront of guiding organizations through this ever-changing reality. 

However, this forward-looking stance comes with its set of obstacles. Our research indicates a notable shift in employee sentiment toward change, showing a growing reluctance to change despite a clear need for process modifications. In this landscape, HR leaders are confronted with a dual challenge – the imperative to lead organizational transformation while grappling with a widespread “transformation deficit”. Finding a balance between mandatory change initiatives and the workforce's capacity to adapt will pose a significant hurdle in 2024.

Grounded on extensive research, including in-depth interviews with over 100 global HR leaders and analysis of millions of employee survey responses, EngageRocket’s HR Outlook 2024 not only identifies key trends but also underscores the crucial role of HR leaders in navigating the complexities of today’s dynamic business environment. This involves a comprehensive approach that covers transformation, upskilling, engagement, empowerment, performance management, and coaching, aiming to equip HR leaders with critical insights and strategies to tackle the emerging challenges ahead.

Preview of insights from the HR 2024 Outlook


Number 1-1

Proactive organizational change as a strategy to thrive amidst macro shocks

  • Nearly 1 in 2 (45%) HR leaders rank “organizational transformation” as the No. 1 priority for their organization in 2024. Other 2024 priorities include employee engagement, manager development, performance management, and benefits, which make up the top five.   

Number 2

Generative AI: Address the future of work with thoughtful consideration, not hype

  • According to Gartner, 76% of HR leaders believe that if their companies do not implement AI solutions in the next 12-24 months, they will lag in organizational success. However, only 5% of HR leaders named AI as their top priority.

Number 3

Employee engagement is a collective responsibility

  • 84% of employees trust their managers, according to our research. 70% of the variance in employee engagement can be attributed to the actions of managers. 
  • Only 20% of managers agree that their organizations support them in being successful people managers.

Group 530 (2)

The 3Cs Approach - Connection, Conversation, and Coaching

  • In 2023, less than 1 in 3 HR leaders are confident that their organization’s processes are effective at helping employees achieve and sustain their best possible performance outcomes.
  • It's now more important than ever to reimagine the traditional approach to performance reviews.


Hear what industry leaders say

James Loo

“We are examining the impact of Gen AI, such as GPT on our operations. How can we prepare our workforce to operate in this new environment? This isn't about preserving specific jobs, as technology will inevitably replace some roles but to protect employees & ensure the ongoing employability of our workforce"

- James Loo, Managing Director, Head of Human Resources at DBS Bank Taiwan

Justina Tan

“Employee engagement is a collective responsibility. Leaders at different levels should actively participate in fostering engagement within their teams. At CAG, leaders take charge of engagement initiatives, utilizing feedback from surveys and focus groups to identify key areas of focus."

- Justina Tan, Executive Vice President of Corporate, People and Culture at Changi Airport Group

Hannah Lennon-2

“GAI may not cause job reductions, but there is no doubt that HR professionals who use it will be more in demand than those who don’t. Mercer found that 58% of employers plan to use GAI in HR by June 2024. And while 76% think it will boost efficiency, it’s more than a cost savings play. By democratizing knowledge and creativity, GAI enables innovation, complex problem-solving and higher-quality work."

- Hannah Lennon, Senior Associate - Talent Solutions Consulting at Mercer

Andrea Herron

“At WebMD, we structure employee engagement ownership across two key levels. On the company-wide level, our engagement initiatives are broad, encompassing activities like donations, concerts, and awards organized by our dedicated committees. On the business unit level, engagement is tailored to each vertical, with leaders and teams creating an environment that resonates with their unique goals and culture."

- Andrea Herron, Head of People, HRBP/Strategic Operations at WebMD


“My approach to coaching new leaders and managers in interpreting engagement feedback revolves around three key recommendations. First, educate them about the direct link between listening to employee feedback and taking actionable steps. Next, the role of a Talent Development Manager is vital in assembling a comprehensive analysis of feedback for each executive, identifying where they can improve. Lastly, conduct results discussions with each leader or manager and their supervisor to develop action plans, with a commitment to at least one specific area of improvement."

- Paul Carney, Chief Human Resources Officer at Carter Bank & Trust


“This time is different. I feel excited and privileged to be in the thick of the changes that we are going through in the HR function. The macro business environment, leader and employee expectations, and technology are all shifting rapidly in ways that are causing the role of HR to be forced to evolve. At the heart of all this change is people, and the function best placed to help people through these changes is HR. 2024 looks to be a continuation of the answer to the question “Can HR rise to the challenge?” I for one certainly hope and believe so. "

- CheeTung Leong, Co-founder & CEO (Americas) at EngageRocket

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HR Outlook 2024 Cover 

In this guide, you will find:

  • HR's top challenges and focus areas in 2024
  • Trend 1 - Proactive organizational change as a strategy to thrive amidst macro shocks
  • Trend 2 - Gen AI: Addressing the future of work with thoughtful consideration, not hype
  • Trend 3 - Employee engagement is a collective responsibility
  • Trend 4 - Unlocking Performance: The 3Cs Approach - Connection, Conversation, and Coaching
  • Recommendations for HR and leaders to prepare for 2024


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