Covid-19 HR response plan:


Share your BCP and set clear guidelines on work

Business continuity planning is the process a company must follow in the face of potential threats. BCP is designed to minimise disruption to your operations and ensure that business remains viable during the virus outbreak. 

Whether you operate a startup or a large organisation, share your BCP and clear expectations with your employees to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Build trust with regular situation updates from credible sources

HR and managers need to regularly promote medical advice and guidelines from the authorities. HR departments should pull together information from credible sources of information to create a ready-to-refer instructional guide for employees.

By being transparent with employees, answering their concerns, updating them on what is happening, companies will build long-lasting trust.

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Leverage technology to improve remote communication

Employers need to make sure employees have adequate physical, social and organisational resources to enable them to function effectively.

Adopting employee communication platforms will make it easier for employees to collaborate with their team and access the right content. Meetings can be done over Slack, Google Hangouts, or Zoom

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Work together with your peers 

Do your part and step up to share your insights and knowledge. As measures tighten around the globe to fight the ongoing pandemic, businesses are activating contingency plans affecting tens of thousands in the workforce.

HR and business leaders need to share those plans so that others in the community can benefit. 

Covid-19: Insights from leaders