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Hear from Google, Dropbox, GovTech, APB and more as we capitalise on the best practices learnt during the pandemic and plan for the workforce in 2022. 🗓️Join us on October 6th from 2 PM. Save your seat now.


Let's work together against COVID-19

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Over the past few weeks, we've been working with many HR departments as they face the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19.

COVID-19 Resource Centre

We've crowd-sourced coverage, ideas and resources on managing the risks of the pandemic to help you tackle the challenges ahead.


1. Insights from business leaders

We can learn from each others. HR and business leaders in our own communities shared on how they are managing this, from business continuity planning to finding ways to promote resilience within their teams.



We are in this together 

EngageRocket in collaboration with IHRP and SHRI launch a new solution to help businesses improve Singapore workers’ well-being and productivity during COVID-19.


Interview with Chin Yin Ong
head of people, Grab


Transcript and Insights

EngageRocket's CEO and co-founder Chee Tung talks with Chin Yin Ong, Head of People at Grab on how their People Operations teams have mobilised against the risks posed by the COVID-19 virus.

Interview with Chanel Lim
 Chief people officer, GoBear


Transcript and Insights

We speak with the Mama Bear herself - Chanel Lim, Chief People Officer at GoBear, speaks with us on what their own initiatives have been in response to the viral outbreak.



Interview with Dr Tanvi gautam
leadership expert


Transcript and Insights

EngageRocket's CEO and co-founder Chee Tung engages in a conversation with Dr. Tanvi Gautam on understanding what we can do as leaders to inspire emotional resilience.

Interview with Professor fermin diez
expert on hr analytics

Transcript and Insights

In this video, we speak  with Professor Fermin Diez, of Singapore Management University and Nanyang Technological University. Professor Diez is also on the board of IHRP Singapore.


2. Business Continuity Planning

Develop your team's ability to respond to crises, with an operational plan to arrange for alternating teams, remote work policies and processes for any transitions in leadership. Governments are responding to the situation as it unfolds, but leaders can make an early impact by promoting safe working practices such as health surveillance and entry restrictions.

Having a business continuity plan (BCP) can help your teams to develop capabilities to respond to a crisis, allowing businesses to operate with minimal disruptions on productivity, efficiency and financial resources.

5 Resources:
  1. The SME Guide to Business Continuity Planning

    Enterprise Singapore: An essential guide for SMEs to conduct business continuity planning

  2. EngageRocket's 6 questions to ask your team during Covid-19

    EngageRocket: We assembled together an infographic as a primer for leaders in their ongoing business continuity planning

  3. Coronavirus pandemic: 7 BCP Guidelines for HR

    HR Technologist: Eleven leaders in HR share on issues they believe are most important to tackle 

  4. COVID-19 Business Checklist

    Grant Thornton: This checklist prepared by audit and tax advisory Grant Thornton covers detailed questions for understanding organisational competencies in managing the crisis.

  5. Managing COVID-19 During a Shutdown of Essential Services

    KPMG: This infographic covers a wide range of scenarios that can impact businesses, and what options are currently available for HR Departments to respond.



3. People Continuity Planning

 A People Continuity Plan focuses on developing an environment that is supportive of your employee's emotional health, as well as developing procedures to manage critical business functions.

6 Resources:
  1. EngageRocket People Continuity Package
    As organisations respond to the emerging risks posed by COVID-19 by introducing work from home protocols, the separation between the workplace and home blurs. This can be stressful transition for many teams - and we're here to help. We've partnered with IHRP Singapore and SHRI to introduce a People Continuity Package of our own - to ease the transition and track the well-being of your employees. 
  2. The heart of resilient leadership: Responding to COVID-19
    Deloitte: A guide for senior leaders to understand the critical position they occupy within HR, and the amount of impact they can bring by understanding vulnerabilities in their people management.
  3. Future-proof your human resources strategy

    Insperity: Understand what it takes to build a people strategy.

  4. How to start a mentoring program that works

    EngageRocket: Succession planning is essential in this period, in the event a member of a critical team falls ill and disrupts business operations. 

  5. 6 ways to promote mental wellness at the workplace

    Generation T: Leaders in Singapore answer on what can actually promote better culture at your workplace.

  6. Mental Health Toolkit for Employers

    National Council for Social Services: This resource covers all the guidelines you need to manage sensitive situations at work, as well as resources on managing the impact of the current situation on the mental health of your employees.



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4. Remote Work

Having preparations for remote working, clearly communicated guidelines and protocols for collaboration can vastly improve team performance.

4 Resources:
  1. Seven ways employers can support working parents

    UNICEF: Remote working can be difficult for working parents. Employers can do more for them

  2. Strengthen communication and team cohesion

    Forbes: Communication between teams can be strong even when everyone is working remotely

  3. Helping remote workers avoid loneliness and burnout

    Harvard Business Review

  4. Adjusting to remote work in the coronavirus crisis

    Harvard Business Review



5. Health Information

Circulating accurate and timely information is one of the ways that organisations can contribute to combating the pandemic. 


4 Resources:



6. Templates for communication and conversations with your teams

7 Resources:
  1. Responding to the 2019 Coronavirus: Guidance for Singapore Employers

    Morgan Lewis: Legal guidelines on SHNs, QOs and more

  2. Crowdsourced guidelines for People Ops teams

    Lifelabs Learning: Use this crowdsourced guide to find a community of HR leaders sharing templates on how to communicate about the crisis

  3. Specific, tactical actions to respond as organisations

    A playbook for companies in need of a comprehensive guide

  4. How to manage anxiety in your organisation as a people leader

    Lifelabs Learning: Use this crowdsourced guideline on what you can do as HR teams to manage anxiety in your team

  5. Guidelines for communicating layoffs

    Berkeley: Layoffs may be inevitable for some industries, as the economic situation gets dire. Communicating these layoffs can be difficult, so we've sourced a communications guide.

  6. 5 ways emotional intelligence can help us 

    Fast Company: Understand the impact stress has, and what being an emotionally intelligent leader means

  7. Four Things Resilient Teams Do

    Harvard Business Review: How our teams persevere matters just as much as how individually resilient we are. 



7. What if the COVID-19 period lasts for two years?


3 Resources:
  1. COVID-19 Implications for businesses

    Use this guide to understand the 5 step process you can undertake at your organisation. 

  2. COVID-19 Relief Measures for Businesses in Singapore

    DBS has unveiled a series of relief efforts for businesses in Singapore - as businesses face looming cash crunches. Find out if there's a way these relief efforts can support you. 

  3. Navigating Crisis Management

    PwC explores what requiring a permanent crisis management response team looks like - and how today's response can vastly affect tomorrow's outcome.