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Find out how EngageRocket can help you improve the employee experience by:

check Track & improve experience across their journey
check Prioritise the competencies & skills to grow your talents
check Manage performance & drive business outcomes
check Embrace change quickly across the enterprise


Why EngageRocket?  


Employee Feedback

Gain visibility

  • Effortlessly collect accurate data & employee feedback

  • Analyse all employee experience data in one platform

Data driven decision

Make better decisions

  • Manage people with real data, not gut feel

  • Get started easily with proven success strategies 


Drive performance

Employee Retention

Reduce talent attrition


 Improving the employee experience

for more than 30,000 employees



Employee Feedback

HR is now able to diagnose and derive insights in real-time. By sharing these insights with the business leaders, HR is building credibility as a strategic partner.


- SHAUN EE, Head of group HR of Commonwealth Capital

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Employee loyalty 



Employee participation



cost savings


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