A Handy Guide to Employee Wellbeing





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What exactly is Employee Wellbeing?

It is more than just a good job title, generous remuneration and benefits. When talking about wellbeing, we are referring to a healthy combination of emotional, physical and mental health of your employees. 

Instances like developing one’s potential, having a sense of purpose, and experiencing positive relationships are key aspects for achieving overall wellbeing. 


Why should we focus on Employee Wellbeing?

Employees spend most of their time at work, hence it is the organisation’s responsibility to ensure that they feel happy, productive and connected at work.

With all the boxes checked, employees are more likely to remain focused and thrive in the environment. At the end of the day, we want to see our people become the best version of themselves. With the right approach, it is 100% possible.


What is the relationship between Employee Wellbeing and Employee Experience?

Research and case studies have shown that healthy employees with robust wellbeing are more likely to be productive and engaged with their organisations. Once an employee feels supported within the organisation, he/she will reciprocate with high levels of engagement.

Building a positive employee experience is important not only for driving employee engagement, but also for boosting company performance. Creating an environment for people to feel engaged at work contributes to the bottom line through building stronger productivity, job satisfaction and wellbeing, while lowering absenteeism and turnover.


How to keep track of Employee Wellbeing?

Have an open discussion with your employees and provide continuous listening. Employees’ feedback are good resources for the organisation and it helps in building trust if actions are taken promptly. 

Conduct a regular pulse check on employees. Empowering them to share their thoughts while protecting their confidentiality creates a supportive environment where they feel valued and respected. 


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