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Use Cases of 360° Feedback in Performance Reviews

A handy guide for visionary HR practitioners in using 360° feedback reviews across organizations of all sizes






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The role of 360° feedback in performance management


A 360° feedback review is a performance management tool that solicits feedback about an employee from all directions: their managers, coworkers, and direct reports. The input from a wider range of an employees’ network is important considering that employees do not just work with their managers - they need to reach out to all these people to effectively perform in their role. This model is better suited to provide actionable feedback to an employee and gives them a better understanding of their contributions to an organization.


A well-designed 360° feedback review can also serve multiple purposes for talent growth and development in the organization. This guide aims to cover a variety of use cases where 360° feedback review can be helpful for you and your organisation.


Highlight of 360° feedback use cases from the report



Personalised review for competencies

Evaluate employees against the competencies of specific job role to determine performance for the role and find development areas based on competency gaps.


General review for future readiness

Evaluate employees across various job roles to determine their readiness for future and plan for upskilling opportunities based on any gaps uncovered.


General review for career development

Evaluate employees against leadership competencies for them to progress in their career and identify learning needs around leadership based on competency gaps.

Learning needs assessment

Identify employees' competency gap of based on the aggregated ratings from the reviewers and define appropriate learning and training needs.


Culture fit and values alignment

Have a better understanding of an employee’s value alignment from multiple perspectives. This use case also highlights the person-organization fit at the individual level.

Team-level review for service-related competencies and performance

Get feedback about a function’s service performance by getting other teams who act as internal customers to give a review.

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Discover the different ways that you can utilize 360° feedback in your organization to improve performance management. In this guide, you will learn

  • How performance reviews are evolving over time
  • Reasons to adopt a 360° feedback approach for your performance reviews
  • 6 use cases of 360° feedback that you can implement in your organization


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