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2022 Research Report 
The State of Work-Life Harmony in Singapore

Deep dive into how Singapore employees perceive their work-life harmony (WLH) across cohorts, organisations, and industries


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Initiated by the Alliance for Action on Work-Life Harmony (AfA-WLH) and supported by National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), EngageRocket conducted a survey of 3,332 employees in Singapore to understand the state of work-life harmony today, employee perceptions, and employee needs surrounding WLH.

This report showcases the key findings from this study.






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Ms Yeo Wan Ling-1

"This survey conducted by EngageRocket was part of our tripartite-level efforts for employers to assess and review their work-life harmony practices to meet the needs of employees. The goal is to achieve work-life harmony, where employers and employees both achieve a sustainable balance between work and personal life."

Ms Yeo Wan Ling

Director of U SME and U Women and Family, National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)



Key insights from the study:


Work-Life Harmony is directly correlated to employee engagement

Our study reveals that those who have managed to achieve greater degrees of harmony are more engaged. 32% of employees with high work-life harmony satisfaction are engaged and willing to recommend their workplace to others. 

One Work-Life Harmony strategy does not fit all

From our research, male employees are more likely to be satisfied with their work-life harmony than women and to advocate for their employers. Home responsibilities are also a top motivating factor. Women and caregivers are at the highest risk of burnout as well as Gen X.

Adoption for Work-Life Harmony strategies is lagging

According to our study, employee support schemes have the highest impact on work-life harmony - but are adopted the least. Additionally, enhanced leave provisions and flexible work arrangements can also have a positive impact.

“Work-life harmony has a clear effect on employee engagement. When one experiences anxiety or stress at work to the point of feeling overwhelmed, it affects our ability to think about, focus, and do the right things.”

Kris Ong, Senior HR Manager of SLS Bearings.
Participant of WLH Survey program




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In this report, you will find out more about

  • The importance of work-life harmony and how it affects employees
  • The direct correlation between work-life harmony and employee engagement
  • How employees from different cohorts perceive different WLH support schemes
  • The way forward in implementing better WLH schemes'