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The secret to creating a great company culture and winning the talent war


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The secret to creating a great company culture and winning the talent war


Everyone knows that for organisations to be winners in an increasingly competitive marketplace, they need to attract, develop, and retain exceptional employees.

Employees are the greatest business assets, and it’s the responsibility of a leader to create a company culture in which your employees have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

Our roundtable discussion will focus on why the culture of an organisation is the best defense to protect your most prized employees as the war for talent escalates.


Guest speakers:

Jordie Whiting

Jordie Whiting

Talent & Organisational Development Lead



Nick Ingall

Nick Ingall

Talent Partner

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Peter Huynh

Peter Huynh

Co-founder & Partner



Hiam Sakakini

Hiam Sakakini

CEO & Founder

Company logos_Culture Equation



Leong CheeTung

CEO & Co-founder

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Now more than ever, we’ve seen how Australia’s skills shortage has been intensified by the pandemic and organisations need to create a better company culture if they want to retain/attract the best people. How can organisations adapt and come up on the winning side given current constraints?


Get exclusive insights from top HR leaders:

  • Jordie Whiting, Talent & Organisational Development Lead, Canva
  • Nick Ingall, Talent Partner, The Lab 17
  • Peter Huynh, Co-founder & Partner, Qualgro
  • Hiam Sakakini, CEO & Founder, The Culture Equation
  • Leong CheeTung, CEO & Co-founder, EngageRocket


What you'll get from the whitepaper:

  • The talent war landscape in Australia
  • The skills that are in high demand as Australia grapples with border restrictions
  • Impact of company culture and employee experience (EX) on hiring
  • Why upping EX investments is the way to go
  • Recommendations on the way forward

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