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2021 HR priorities: Shaping the new world of work

🗓️ 9 Feb 2021, Tuesday: 4pm – 5.30 pm


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This webinar is part of National Employee Experience Transformation (NEXT) Programme.


2021 HR priorities:
Shaping the new world of work


When the circuit-breaker rolled out in April of 2020, most of us were focused on short-term response and course correction. Since then, the global economy has witnessed several changes, and employers adapted in tandem.

However, the lessons from the pandemic remain as pertinent as ever, informing the way forward for years to come. It has changed what an employee expects from the workplace.

After a year of unprecedented disruption, can we expect a swift return to BAU? Or, should HR practitioners treat the pandemic as a watershed period, completely reshaping the future of work?


Guest speakers:


Angelina Chua

First Vice President, Group HR,   




Low Peck Kem





Shawn Tan

HR Director SEA,



🕒 Duration: 1.5 hours

What to expect from this webinar:

An exclusive panel discussion with:

Low Peck Kem, Chief HR Officer and Advisor, CHRO Office and Workforce Development, Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office, MSHRI, IHRP-MP

Angelina Chua, First Vice President, Group Human Resource and Group Data Protection Officer at Yeo's, MSHRI, IHRP-SP

Shawn Tan, HR Director SEA at Under Armour, MSHRI, IHRP-SP

During the session, Mayank Parekh, CEO of the Institute for Human Resource Professionals and Alvin Goh, Executive Director at the Singapore Human Resources Institute will share their insights and trends to take into account for 2021.


  • HRTrends and predictions for 2021
  • Enabling work life integration (vs. balance)
  • How to make physical and remote workplaces co-exist  
  • How to strengthen employee engagement and connection
  • Digital adoption: HR or IT?
  • What are the essential leadership skills

Presented by Leong CheeTung, CEO and Co-founder at EngageRocket.

If you are an IHRP certified professional, you are entitled to receive 1.5 CPD hour by attending this webinar.

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What's next?
Measure and improve team experience and well-being for freenext-banner_sg

Benchmark the impact of the pandemic on your employees' experience nationally.

Our team has worked with top business and HR leaders in Southeast Asia to launch the National Employee Experience Transformation (NEXT) Programme.

Benefits of NEXT:

  • Expertly measure employee experience, well-being and innovation for free

  • Access to the most comprehensive national benchmark on the state of the workplace and employee experience




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