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HR trends for 2023 | Bridging cultural divides in the workplace

🗓️ Wednesday, 23 Nov 2022: 4PM – 5PM


HR outlook 2023 webinar - speakers


HR trends for 2023 | Bridging cultural divides in the workplace


2020 - 2022 was a turbulent period for employee experiences worldwide, spurring phenomena like the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting. The phenomena saw skilled workers leaving their jobs for different organizations or sometimes, different career paths altogether that would drive more meaning and purpose. Many who are unable or unwilling to switch jobs are experiencing 'quiet quitting' leading to high levels of burnout. 

All these changes have taken place in a short span of time. The disconnect that employees feel, which causes them to pull away from their organization, is due to a divide between the employer and the worker. 

In 2023, organizations must act in response to these changes and bridge the divide in order to attract, retain, and nurture top talents.


Guest speakers:

Nauveed Salim

Nauveed Salim

Director, SEA

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Brian Lim

Brian Lim

Senior Director of Human Resources

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Yvonne Tan

Dr Yvonne Tan

Lead People Scientist

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🕒 Duration: 1 hour


Get exclusive insights from top leaders:

  • Nauveed Salim, Regional Director at EngageRocket
  • Brian Lim, Senior Director of Human Resources at M-DAQ Global
  • Dr Yvonne Tan, Lead People Scientist at EngageRocket


  • The importance of bridging cultural divides in the workplace
  • Overcoming fragmentation and driving organization-wide connection
  • Tackling the root cause of disengagement
  • Managerial trust and support on employee engagement
  • New expectations around employee wellbeing


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