2020 Research Report | The Resilience
of the Singapore Workforce

The pulse of the Singapore workforce through
the crisis of a generation



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This study represents the most comprehensive comparable dataset on workplace sentiment through the start of the pandemic. We will uncover clear indicators that will help business leaders better prepare and plan for the months ahead. Hear from HR leaders and experts across various industries such as Samsung Asia Pte Ltd, Singtel, Under Armour, OCBC Bank and many more.



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Singaporeans are adjusting to working
from home, new poll shows

"In a socially distant world, many managers lack the time and tools they need to effectively identify flight risk, burnout or disengagement. Leaders need to help them understand how their team feels and track progress."

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cna-logoThe future of the workplace: the new normal's physical, social and mental transformations.

"Your future at work is being shaped by several powerful trends. Listen to Leong Chee Tung, CEO and Co-Founder at EngageRocket to find out the things you need to know about the Future of Work."

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Aileen Tan copy

"Leaders and managers have evolved their leadership styles - with more understanding, tolerance and flexibility for greater authenticity and a more human-centric approach at work."

Aileen Tan

CHRO at Singtel, IHRP-MP, MSHRI 



Key insights from our data:


Stress triggers are pervasive but preventable

Our research found that prolonged Working from Home (WFH) is linked to harmful impact on mental wellbeing. This has proved to be among the most severe pain-points during the
circuit-breaker and beyond. 

Resilience of SG Workforce - WFH

Big, small, or mid-sized - prepare your infrastructure for

While WFH may be more challenging for some industries than for others, employee preference for it is universal. Across industries, over eight in ten respondents would
prefer to work from home more than half the time after this pandemic.

No simple correlation between WFH and productivity

Resilience of SG Workforce - Productivity

An employee’s ability to stay productive in a non-office environment depends on a variety of factors - including surrounding distractions, personal obligations, and personality make-up. Over 36% of respondents have seen a downswing in their productivity when working from home after COVID-19.

Resilience of SG Workforce - Engagement

Engagement yields a brighter future

Our study found that engaged employees are more confident of and committed to
working towards the company's recovery. Promoters are 5x times more likely to be "strongly" confident about the organisation's future





"To successfully lead this transformation and transition, HR, supervisors and managers have a critical role to play. As much as leaders used to motivate and manage employees face-to-face, they must strive to continue to lead a virtual (or hybrid) workforce to maintain employee engagement and productivity. The responsibilities of the leader have not changed - it is the way of leading the team that has changed."

Peck Kem Low

Chief HR Officer and Advisor, CHRO Office and Workforce Development, Public Service Division, Prime Minister's Office, MSHRI, IHRP-MP



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Wei-Ling Poon, Patricia new

Wei-Ling Poon, Patricia

Head Leadership
Development Asia




Michael Jenkins new

Michael Jenkins





Shawn Tan

Shawn Tan

HR Director SEA



Daniel Chia new

Daniel Chia

Head of HR 



What you will learn:

✔️Findings from the most comprehensive dataset on the state of workplace sentiment through the start of the pandemic

✔️ The importance of closely tracking organisational health to build crisis resilience

✔️ How to foster inclusivity to thrive in a hybrid workplace

✔️ How to boost productivity via upskilling and digitalisation

✔️ Build your company's foundation to recover and thrive

Who is it for:

✔️ Business leaders, people managers, team leads

✔️ CHRO & HR leaders managers 

✔️ HR and managers who are looking for actionable recommendations and practical insights 









Michael Jenkins new

"I think it is great that we are talking about mental wellbeing more than we have done before. While talking about it is very encouraging, there is also a need to do something about it. Getting people to speak up about mental ill-health in pulse surveys is certainly a good thing but frankly speaking, we have to "get below the surveys".

At the same time, it's really worth bearing in mind that a small act of kindness to someone who is sad or down, can go a very long way to making them feel less alone."

Michael Jenkins

CEO of Expert Humans, HR Thought Leader, MSHRI






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