2021 Research Report 
The State of Employee Experience 

The pulse of the Singapore workforce
one year into the pandemic





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This study represents the most comprehensive comparable dataset on workplace sentiment through the start of the pandemic. We will uncover clear indicators of employee experience that will help business leaders better prepare and plan for the months ahead.





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The transformation in employee experiences have been accelerated with COVID-19. We need to not only keep our workers safe, we have to continuously upskill ourselves in order to prepare for the future. The National Employee Experience Transformation (NEXT) programme is one way to ensure that HR and leaders have a solid, data-driven roadmap to improve the well-being and productivity of their employees in a sustainable way.

Peck Kem Low

President SHRI, Founding Chairman, ASEAN Human Development Organisation, Board Member IHRP




Key insights from the study:


The Long-Term Impact of COVID-19 on resilience and well-being

In 2021, the numbers have shifted significantly from the previous year, with most employees showing signs of wear and tear. Both in terms of resilience and wellbeing, the millennial working population requires keen attention from employers in 2021.

The workforce has shown remarkable adaptability in the face of challenge and change

Remote workers are more productive than those working in the office or in a hybrid model. Hybrid workers are the least productive of all at 72%. Office workers are slightly more productive at 73%, while remote environments are the most conducive to productivity at over 77%.

Organisations need a more mindful balance between Well-being and productivity

Only 36% of employees with high workloads are able to avoid burnout, which means more than half are at risk. In 2021 and beyond, the focus will be on efficiency and helping employees get the job done faster, with minimal stress. The secret to achieving this is investments in upskilling, equipping employees with the competencies needed to reach their full potential.

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"The insights provide us with the realistic view of our colleagues’ perspectives and will enable us to work towards more pointed strategies to help our Managers to render greater support, provide stretch, continually build trust and self-discipline, creating a ‘favourable smell of the place’ – with a more distributed, remote and less physically connected workforce.”

Sylvia Koh

Chief People Officer, Group Human Resources, Crimson Logic




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