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Disconnect to Reconnect: Rebuilding connections in a fragmented workplace




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The gap between what employers want and what workers need is a common occurrence for most organizations. Both employers and workers are aware of this disconnect, yet few know how to navigate it successfully. In the last two years, the disconnect has become more prominent and even taken on new dimensions. Particularly when it comes to remote or hybrid work, employees and leaders or employers seem to want different things.

Disconnection in the workplace can leave a negative impact on performance, trust and relationships, and well-being. In this webinar, we will discuss how fostering human connection and belonging is essential for organizational success.

Conversation with Airbnb: Humanity in the workplace


There is a growing desire to create workplaces that are “more human.” Creating a more human workplace ultimately leads to improved customer service, better employee well-being, and productivity. Hear our conversation with Mich Goh, Head of Public Policy at Airbnb as we address how leaders can create an environment that brings people together.

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Conversation with Foodpanda: Addressing challenges of quiet quitting

“Quiet quitting” is the latest workplace buzzword everybody is talking about. But behind the trend, the crisis seems real, with at least 50% of the U.S. workforce identified as "Quiet quitters" - mostly among younger generations. Many have cited that this phenomenon is nothing new, just an old behavior with a new name.

Hear our discussion with Judit Hordai, Director of People at Foodpanda as we address the challenges of quiet quitting and what leaders can do to reconnect with their teams.


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Panel discussion: Shaping organizations’ ESG approaches to engage and retain employees


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is no longer just a requirement to meet or a concept to attract investors. It helps companies connect with like-minded talents who share the same mission, purpose, and value.

we invited three remarkable leaders for a fruitful discussion - Andrew Ing, Chief Operating Officer at OUE Restaurants, Benjamin Festin, HR Director at SP Group, and Lisa Askwith, Chief People Officer at Love, Bonito around ESG and what approaches to take for organizations to not only give back but also improve the employee experience (EX).


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