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Disconnect to Reconnect: Rebuilding connections in a fragmented workplace

A virtual event that connects leaders and the HR tech community


Day 1: 18 Oct 2022, 10AM - 11:45AM SGT

Day 2: 20 Oct 2022, 11AM - 12PM SGT







Andrew Ing

Andrew Ing

Chief Operating Officer

OUE restaurants


Yvonne Tan

Dr Yvonne Tan

Lead People Scientist



Benjamin Festin

Benjamin Festin

Human Resources Director

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Lisa Askwith

Lisa Askwith

Chief People Officer

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Mich Goh

Mich Goh

Head of Public Policy, Southeast Asia

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Hannah Lennon

Hannah Lennon

Senior Consultant

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Nauveed Salim

Nauveed Salim

Director, SEA

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Judit Hordai

Judit Hordai

Director of People




About PeopleFirst 2022


Disconnect to Reconnect

The gap between what employers want and what workers need is a common occurrence for most organisations. Both employers and workers are aware of this disconnect, yet few know how to navigate it successfully. In the last two years, the disconnect has become more prominent and even taken on new dimensions. Particularly when it comes to remote or hybrid work, employees and leaders or employers seem to want different things.

Disconnection in the workplace can leave a negative impact on performance, trust and relationships, and well-being.


At EngageRocket's flagship event this year, we will discuss how fostering human connection and belonging is essential for organizational success.

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 Day 1 - 18 October 2022, 10AM - 11:45AM SGT

Hear from our co-founders - CheeTung Leong and  Dorothy Yiu as they share EngageRocket's journey for the last 6 years and what's next for the future of the workplace.


Hear from Dr Yvonne Tan, Lead People Scientist at EngageRocket as she shares insightful data on the importance of human connections and positive relationships in a modern workforce.

Hear from Mich Goh, Head of Public Policy at Airbnb, where she'll discuss about humanity in the workplace - how leaders can create connections and an environment that brings people together.

The pandemic has demonstrated the need to be both opportunistic and risk-aware. People are seeking a sense of joy and freedom to reshape their lives. Organizations have bold plans for reinvention, but are they focused on what will really make a difference?

Hear from Mercer on trends around relatable organisations and find one how to build one.

Hear from Judit Hordai, Director of People at Foodpanda.

“Quiet quitting” is the latest workplace buzzword everybody is talking about. But behind the trend, the crisis seems real.

Let's find out why employees stop going above and beyond, and the long-term effect the phenomenon has on organisations. 

A panel discussion moderated by Nauveed Salim, Regional Sales Director at EngageRocket on "The role of leaders in shaping organizations’ mission, purpose and ESG approaches to engage and retain employees".


  • Andrew Ing, COO at OUE Restaurants
  • Ben Festin, HRD at SP Group
  • Lisa Askwith, CPO at Love, Bonito


Day 2 - 20 October 2022, 11AM - 12PM SGT

Due to the segmented structure of organisations, different teams with varying strategic objectives typically take charge of disparate aspects of employees' journey - onboarding vs development vs engagement, etc. As organisations may not be enabled to have a holistic understanding of the employee across the entire lifecycle, this opens up the possibility of a disconnect between employees and the organisation.

To effectively close the gap, organisations need to first have a good understanding of the different milestones across the journey. This workshop will highlight the importance of mapping the employee journey as a whole and discuss how organisations can make sense of the data collected across the different milestones, which will ultimately allow for effective action to ensure that employees are (re)connected to the organisation.

Presented by Dr. Yvonne Tan, Lead People Scientist at EngageRocket. At the end of the workshop, complete a short quiz and get certified!


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Day 2

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