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As telecommuting becomes the new normal, we're launching a dedicated People Continuity Package to help your team stay productive and engaged through this crisis.


To support our community, we're making our solution free for all organisations that sign up before 1 June 2020.


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Why a People Continuity Package?


People Continuiti Package #SGunited
For you & your organisation 
  • Expertly track remote working effectiveness & engagement through pulse surveys

  • Initiate anonymous chats for psychological safety

  • Virtually effortless: no setup required

For your employees
  • Share thoughts and concerns anonymously

  • Give ideas to improve the well-being of their team  

  • Help your people transition back to the workplace



"In a period of unprecedented disruption to the workforce, leaders and HR must put their people first, and take the initiative to listen to their needs. The People Continuity Package is one way to augment Business Continuity Plans, and ensure that leaders have a solid, data-driven roadmap to improve their employees well-being and productivity in these times."

Low Peck Kem

 President, SHRI and Board Member, IHRP


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What's in it for me? 





Access to done-for-you pulse surveys, for any number of employees

Our team has worked with HR leaders, psychologists and leadership experts to draft the People Continuity survey.

The survey includes questions covering critical well-being and productivity drivers, and takes less than 3 minutes to complete.

As the environment is changing fast, we recommend a monthly frequency to effectively track changes in the workplace fast enough to respond to them.

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Get powerful insights from your dedicated EngageRocket analytics dashboard










Empower your employees with anonymous chat to dive deep into feedback


Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 4.55.14 PM
Using survey questions from our PCP,  we've measured the pulse of Singapore's workforce during the COVID-19 circuit breaker.






"Many companies have rolled out their business continuity plans since late January and these needed to be constantly adjusted in response to government advisories and social distancing regulations. HR has found itself in the eye of the storm, directing the organisation’s response, cheerleading their teams and sense-making with much uncertainty ahead."

Mayank Parekh

CEO of Institute for HR Professionals, IHRP


Apply now for free

Step 1

Apply for the People Continuity Package

Follow the instructions you will receive within your welcome email.

Step 2

Select your team to take the survey

Securely upload your employee list (following our employee list template)

Rest assured, we have a stringent privacy policy and we have been helping to keep employees' details confidential since 2018.


Step 3

Sit back and let the answers stream in

Our team has worked with HR leaders in Southeast Asia and leadership experts to build the right set of questions to ask.

Our team will trigger the survey for you, and pulse it to give you baseline and trend results.


SHRI agreed and supported to work on this initiative with EngageRocket for many good reasons. The most important of all is the push for a collective effort in this trying period and the data that will be gathered to improve every aspect of the current “WFH” situation, especially the psychological well-being of all.

Alvin Goh

Executive Director of Singapore HR Institute, SHRI



How do I apply? 

It’s easy! Take 23 seconds to click here and complete the form accurately. 

What do I get?

During the two months you have: 

  • Access to done-for-you pulse surveys, for any number of employees

  • Access to your company's EngageRocket dashboard

  • Full access to EngageRocket COVID-19 resources centre

  • Tutorial videos to understand the results, and

  • Communication plans and templates before and after the survey


How long does this support package last?

We will have to stop accepting applications by 1st June 2020.


Are there any hidden fees?

No! This is a FREE service and you don't need to add your credit card details to sign-in. We are providing this as a publicly available resource as part of our support for #SGunited and to keep the economy running during an extended period of social distancing.

Is my data safe and secure? 

Yes. We are committed to keeping your data secure. Your data will be kept confidential. Rest assured, we have a stringent privacy policy and we have been helping to keep employees' details confidential since 2018.

The information you upload is secure, and will not be sold to 3rd parties or used for any other purpose besides this project without your permission.

The overall results will be aggregated, and besides the person who signs up for your organisation, no one else would have access to your organisation's data individually. If you any questions, feel free to speak to us directly on our our live chat (bottom right corner of your screen) or contact us at hello@engagerocket.co.


What will happen after the end of this free plan?

You will receive an email 3 days before this plan expires, where you will find options to continue on a regular plan. 

If you want to upgrade your plan at any time, just get in touch with our workplace strategists!

If you choose not to upgrade your plan, your account will stop collecting and analysing data but you still have access to view your data for three months. 


What identifiers of participants would be captured?

We capture only a few attributes like name, email addresses, age, department and gender. Please find attached the template here for the employee list upload for your reference. Kindly also see our privacy policy at the following link - EngageRocket Privacy.

What questions are on the survey? 

Our team has worked with HR leaders, psychologists and leadership experts to draft the survey. The survey includes fewer than 30 questions covering critical engagement and well-being drivers, and takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Preview the survey questionnaire.

Apply here.


How does this work? 

Your team will be enrolled in two People Continuity pulse surveys. The first survey will open from 2nd June to 12th June 2020.

Once the first survey launched, you will have access to EngageRocket platform to track the participation rate and the results in real-time

The second survey will open from 30th June to 10th July 2020.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your account at any time by simply contacting our team at hello@engagerocket.co.
If you do nothing, at the end of the People Continuity Package your account will automatically expire, and you will not have to pay for anything.


How do I buy a subscription?

Reach out to our customer success team or to our workplace strategists anytime.




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