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Getting started on creating the employee journey map

Find out best practices to consider as you design an employee journey map of the entire employee experience.




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About this workshop

Due to the segmented structure of organizations, different teams with varying strategic objectives typically take charge of disparate aspects of employees' journey - onboarding vs development vs engagement, etc. As organizations may not be enabled to have a holistic understanding of the employee across the entire lifecycle, this opens up the possibility of a disconnect between employees and the organization.

To effectively close the gap, organizations need to first have a good understanding of the different milestones across the journey. This workshop will highlight the importance of mapping the employee journey as a whole and discuss how organizations can make sense of the data collected across the different milestones, which will ultimately allow for effective action to ensure that employees are (re)connected to the organization.

You will learn about

Pen_icon  The importance of employee journey

Pen_icon  Understanding what the employee journey entails 

Pen_icon  Creating the employee journey map

Pen_icon  Making sense of employees' journey with data

Pen_icon Effective actions to (re)connect

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About the speaker

Dr Yvonne Tan

Dr Yvonne Tan

Lead People Scientist

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Duration_icon Date: 10 January 2023 / 9 March 2023

Duration_icon Time: 11AM - 12PM (Singapore time)


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