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Creating cultures of high commitment, collaboration and change readiness 

Leadership development that puts people at the center.

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The pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working. With the slow recovery process, change will continue to happen in the workplace. Leaders need to continuously encourage, inspire and motivate the workforce to innovate and create change and help shape the organisation's success.

In this masterclass, you will learn about the qualities of engaging transformational leaders - leaders that bring about high performance without sacrificing the well-being of people. In fact, the evidence for engaging leadership shows that good leaders increase motivation and wellbeing and create sustainable cultures of commitment, collaboration and readiness for change. 



What you will learn:

✔️ The state of employee engagement in Singapore
✔️ What constitutes engaging leadership & why bother developing engaging transformational leaders?

✔️ The ‘What’ versus the ‘How” of leadership
✔️ How do we create cultures that embrace change and innovation?

✔️ Design & assessing your organisation’s leadership development efforts key success factors

Who is this for:

✔️ HR leaders and practitioners who are responsible for leadership development
✔️ Leaders who are interested in unleashing the full potential of people in the organisation
✔️ Anyone who is interested in creating a culture of high engagement in teams and organisation

About speaker:

Jacqueline Wong - Sequoia


Jacqueline Wong - Managing Director, Sequoia Group


Jacqueline is Managing Director and founder of Sequoia Group and co-founder of the Sustainability Institute. She is an optimist about the power of organisations to transform and enable human flourishing. She is a process consultant, facilitator, coach and teacher with over 20 years of experience in the field of Leadership and Organisation Development.




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Date: 19 October 2021

Time: 11 AM Singapore Time (GMT+8).


Duration: 1 hour plus live Q&A



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Build a strong culture in your workplace with analytics





Gain feedback and visibility

  • Design surveys with research-backed questions from question library
  • Get timely feedback from employees where you can acknowledge and clarify without compromising confidentiality





Get powerful insights in real-time

  • Accurate data with the ability to slice and dice for greater depth of results
  • Prioritise areas that needs to work on right now through data collected






Take immediate action based on data

  • Intelligent action planning with immediate ROI on targeted drivers of engagement
  • Use internal and external benchmark to improve efficiency



Start building a strong company culture today!


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