EngageRocket Masterclass:
Leading Remotely

How to keep employees engaged and motivated remotely 

EngageRocket makes it easy to connect and engage with your employees.

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How does remote working impact your employees’ state of mind, and consequently, their productivity and wellbeing?
There are certain clear indicators and insights that can help business leaders prepare, plan and thrive in this new reality.

Organisations and leaders need to quickly add-on new capabilities to manage their talent remotely and help them stay resilient in the face of a second wave risks. Digitalisation will play a key role in this process, letting you adapt faster. During this masterclass, we will discuss engagement strategies and how HR and managers can better connect with remote employees.



What you will learn:

✔️ Top challenges that employees face while working remotely

✔️ Remote working: employees preferences & productivity

✔️ How to reduces stress and improve resilience

✔️ How to drive engagement & loyalty in crises

✔️ How EngageRocket can help improve well-being and productivity of remote employees

Who is this for:

✔️ HR, business leaders and managers 

✔️ HR and managers who are looking to improve employee engagement and well-being

✔️ HR and managers who are looking for actionable recommendations and practical insights 

✔️ All other professionals who wish to know how to utilise HR analytics for business decision making

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Date: 14 June 2022

Time: 11 AM Singapore Time (GMT+8).


Duration: 1 hour plus live Q&A



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Make better connections with your remote employees




Gain feedback and visibility

  • Design surveys with research-backed questions from question library
  • Get timely feedback from employees where you can acknowledge and clarify without compromising confidentiality





Get powerful insights in real-time

  • Accurate data with the ability to slice and dice for greater depth of results
  • Prioritise areas that needs to work on right now through data collected






Take immediate action based on data

  • Intelligent action planning with immediate ROI on targeted drivers of engagement
  • Use internal and external benchmark to improve efficiency


Start improving your engagement with remote employees today!


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