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Creating an impactful onboarding experience for your new hires

Essential best practices to onboard in a hybrid workplace that other guides won't tell you.






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When an employee first joins a new organization, there may be a lot of uncertainty and concern about how they would do well and fit into the team/organization.

Without providing proper information and support, employees may feel that they are not set up for success and they would have problems adjusting and performing in their role.

This workshop will discuss how leaders can create an impactful onboarding experience for your new hires.

You will learn about

Pen_icon The importance of first impressions

Pen_icon Challenges organizations face in onboarding

Pen_icon Roles and responsibilities in onboarding process

Pen_icon Elements and best practices of onboarding

Pen_icon Automating the onboarding process

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About the speaker

Dr Yvonne Tan

Dr Yvonne Tan

Lead People Scientist

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