EngageRocket Masterclass | Art of Resilience

Learn techniques to build resilience and gain control of your mental health at work.

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Masterclass - art of resilience





With disruptions happening due to the pandemic, we’re seeing many changes in the workplace. Working remotely may prevent us from contracting the virus, however, the blurred lines between work and home have increased employee stress and diminished overall well-being.

How can we avoid this, set boundaries at work and home, and gain control of our mental health?

In this masterclass, join us with a well-being expert from MindFi as we learn techniques that can help us and our employees build resilience and overcome stress, especially in this new way of work.



What you will learn:

✔️ What is resilience?
✔️ ABCs of building resilience
✔️ Measuring your team's resilience and beyond

Who is this for:

✔️ HR, business leaders, and managers who are looking to build their team's resilience
✔️ Leaders who want to further strengthen their workforce
✔️ Individuals who are struggling to manage during challenging times

About speaker:


Anita Sadasivan

Anita Sadasivan - Co-founder & Chief Wellbeing Officer, MindFi

Anita is the co-founder and Chief Wellbeing Officer at MindFi - a B2B Mental Health & Wellbeing Solution. She is also a US-trained psychologist, counselor, and dance instructor with extensive experience working in hospitals, social enterprises as well as corporate EAP programs. She is passionate about positive psychology and preventive mental health in the workplace. Outside of her work in mental health, she also owns a dance studio that aims to empower women and build confidence through movement, running close to 100 classes per week as well as special programs for cancer survivors and seniors.


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Build resilience and manage your employee's wellbeing with analytics





Gain feedback and visibility

  • Design surveys with research-backed questions from question library
  • Get timely feedback from employees where you can acknowledge and clarify without compromising confidentiality





Get powerful insights in real-time

  • Accurate data with the ability to slice and dice for greater depth of results
  • Prioritise areas that needs to work on right now through data collected






Take immediate action based on data

  • Intelligent action planning with immediate ROI on targeted drivers of engagement
  • Use internal and external benchmark to improve efficiency



Start building a strong company culture today!


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