Email Course | AI Basics For Busy HR Leaders

Leverage AI to empower your managers and engage your teams to build elite organizations. 

5 core modules delivered over 10 emails: Dive into the fundamentals and uncover some practical applications of artificial intelligence in HR. 

Lessons shared by EngageRocket's Co-founder: CheeTung Leong

AI Basics for HR





With the power of AI, HR leaders can now leverage data-driven insights and predictive analytics to support talent development and strategic workforce planning. But what can we use AI for and what are the limitations? This short course covers practical use cases, common misconceptions, and potential concerns. Further learning resources and next-step recommendations are also included. 



In this course, you will learn:


✔️ Module 1: Understanding AI Basics in HR

 AI Demystified: Defining Artificial Intelligence for HR Professionals

Types of AI: Exploring Machine Learning and Deep Learning in HR Context

✔️ Module 2: Overcoming Concerns and Embracing AI in HR

Addressing AI Misconceptions: Debunking Myths and Clarifying Facts for HR Leaders

Ethics and Responsibility in AI: HR Considerations for Ethical AI Adoption

✔️ Module 3: AI Applications in HR

AI Benefits in HR: Enhancing Recruitment, Onboarding, and Employee Engagement

AI for Talent Development: Leveraging AI Tools for Skills Assessment and Training

✔️ Module 4: Practical Implementation of AI in HR

AI-Enabled HR Tools: Exploring AI Applications for HR Tasks and Processes

AI in Data Analytics: Leveraging AI Insights for HR Decision-Making

✔️ Module 5: Future Perspectives and Learning Pathways for HR Leaders

AI Trends in HR: Exploring the Current and Future Landscape of AI in HR

Continued Learning: Resources and Next Steps for HR Leaders in AI Education





CheeTung (CT) Leong, Co-founder at EngageRocket

CT Leong is a co-founder at EngageRocket. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was a Regional Director of Gallup - one of the world's top HR advisories. He graduated with a degree in Economics at the University of Cambridge, and has an MA in Political Science from Columbia University.




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