Adopting Technology to Empower Workforce Productivity

Leading People Interview Series



Top 3 Learning Points From The Interview:

  • Continuously upskill and keep up with technology. Technology can help to automate manual processes and thus improve productivity. 

  • Being physically close to the boss to get promoted is an idea of the past. The use of technology can help managers track employees/teams performance in real-time effortlessly and transparently.

  • Success breeds success. Sharing success stories of different colleagues can encourage and motivate other employees to do better and achieve more.

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    Learn how EM Services attracts and retains talents thanks to real-time people analytics - Read the case study


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LEADING PEOPLE | EM Services Pte Ltd

Leading People Interview Series
aim to uncover how established leaders think about developing employees into their best selves, especially through times, rapid change & transformation. 

Every week we will release a new interview with leaders across various industries.

In this episode, hear from Tony Khoo, CEO at EM Services Pte Ltd, as he shares how his team has quickly adopted technology to improve productivity during the pandemic. Tony also shares his experience and advice on how leaders can step up as a coach to let their team shine.

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