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The HR 2023 Outlook

Bridging cultural divides in the workplace

From the rising phenomenon of fragmented loyalty to the widening gap in employer vs. employee expectations, this guide highlights 5 key trends in HR in 2023 and what businesses can do to prepare.




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New divides in a rapidly changing world

One of the most significant effects of the pandemic is that it has accelerated the pace of change in every sphere of our lives. Digital adoption is speeding up, enterprises are looking to make quicker decisions, and the global workforce is rethinking its priorities – causing the transformation of several years to take place rapidly. As a result, 2020-2022 was a turbulent period for employee experiences worldwide, spurring phenomena like the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting.

In 2023, organizations must act in response to these changes and bridge the divide in order to attract, retain, and nurture top talents. This guide aims to uncover five trends that organizations need to keep in mind so they are better equipped to fostering connections and improving experiences in 2023.

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Number 1-1

From fragmented culture to fragmented loyalty

  • 85% of respondents feel welcome within their own teams
  • Yet, about 38% of employees are dissatisfied with cross-team collaboration

Number 2

Addressing disengagement and not its symptoms

  • 68% of employers are confident that they have invested heavily in their well-being value proposition 
  • However, just 51% of employees agree with this.

Number 3

Trust taking on new meaning
and dimensions

  • Remote/hybrid work seems to have boosted productivity.
  • But < 33% of HR leaders are confident they are building trust between employees and the organization.





Hear what industry leaders say

Hannah Lennon Mercer

“In today’s new world of work, the organizations that are succeeding are those which enable their employees to find meaning and purpose at work”

- Hannah Lennon, Senior Consultant at Mercer


“Trust is an invisible currency in today’s workplace. Employees that feel safe and trusted are more likely to reciprocate that trust and perform at their best."

- Nauveed Salim, Regional Director at EngageRocket

Dr Yvonne Tan

“The Great Resignation and quiet quitting are two consecutive phases and are different behaviors, but actually boils down to the same cause. These two phenomena are caused by disengagement at its core.”

- Dr. Yvonne Tan, Lead People Scientist at EngageRocket


“Quiet Quitting has been happening for a long time, and it’s more commonly identified as disengagement. Companies need to get into the root causes of disengagement, as each organization has unique circumstances that drive it.”

- Judit Hordai, Director of People at Foodpanda

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In this guide, you will find:

  • What is driving the divide in today's modern workplace
  • The 5 key trends that will shape employee experience and how organizations can connect with them in 2023
  • Recommendations for HR and leaders to prepare for 2023
  • BONUS Shareable infographic of key takeaways from the 5 key trends


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