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How M-DAQ utilizes real-time employee feedback to encourage its people to collaborate better, contribute stronger, and stay longer

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From M-DAQs case, you will learn about:

 ✓ How purpose-driven culture helps them in retaining talent in a competitive industry

 ✓ Developing talents to meet the rapidly changing demands in the fintech sector

 ✓ How the team utilizes real-time feedback to improve employee experience

 ✓ Utilising EngageRocket’s BELONG and GROW to foster an engaged workforce


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Utilizing real-time employee feedback to promote an engaged workforce



BELONG: Employee Lifecycle Surveys
GROW: 360 Feedback Review

  • An increase of eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) from 26 in 2020 to 36 in 2021
  • eNPS score exceeding the benchmark of -19

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What M-DAQ said about EngageRocket

"We see EngageRocket’s BELONG module performing the role of a catalyst in promoting M-DAQ's values. Through its pulse and lifecycle surveys, BELONG acts as an enabler to gauge our people’s sense of belonging, identify areas of disengagement, and discover opportunities for calibrated HR initiatives."

Brian Lim, Senior Director of HR at M-DAQ

About EngageRocket's BELONG: Employee Lifecycle Surveys

EngageRocket’s BELONG
Employee Lifecycle Surveys

  • Question Library: Ask research-backed questions & get feedback for on-boarding, engagement, etc
  • Confidentiality: Encourage communication without compromising employee's confidentiality.
  • Build multi-language surveys in one click.
  • Measure program efficiency and analyse the returns on your people initiatives

About EngageRocket's GROW: 360 feedback review

EngageRocket’s GROW
360 feedback & peer evaluations

  • Flexible setup: customise questions, rater groups, selection methods, communication and reminders.

  • Large validated competency and question banks

  • Data-driven learning needs analysis

  • Action planner: Set goals, targets, tasks and reminders to encourage personal mastery

  • Follow through closely and monitor progress