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InCorp Global’s transformative journey in unifying their group of companies with an employee-first approach


About InCorp Global

InCorp Global is a leading provider of professional corporate solutions and business advisory services. Startups, SMEs, multinationals, financial institutions, government ministries, organs of state, statutory boards, family offices, charities, and IPCs have benefited from their full suite of services and dependable business advice.

InCorp Global was founded in 2015 and is currently home to more than a thousand employees in eight different countries across the Asia-Pacific region. It is the only Singapore-based corporate solutions company to have a presence in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The organization currently serves more than 15,000 clients worldwide. 

The fast-paced growth of the company sets up the need for a unified culture that would allow employees across different regions to bring their best selves to work every day.


"Employee engagement goes beyond compensation, salary, or benefits. It means equipping people with what they need to thrive and be their best selves. Our vision of unifying the group means that we need to shift our approach and become more people-centric, so our people can grow further along with the business."

Edmund Lee Incorp Global

Edmund Lee, Group Chief Executive Officer of InCorp Global


Striving towards a culture that puts employees at the organization’s heart

Founded by a group of leaders with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, InCorp Global has seen tremendous growth and success at its relatively young age of seven years. The group’s executive team fosters a culture of growth and well-being within their regional and local teams. They believe that the company is only as successful as its people.

Therefore, a strong culture of engagement, as well as providing a meaningful employee experience has been one of InCorp Global’s primary purposes in doing business. However, it can be quite challenging to incorporate employee experience for a thousand-strong workforce in eight different countries.


A unified approach to measuring and improving employee engagement with EngageRocket

Any business that experiences such rapid growth would see its challenges evolve. InCorp Global’s thriving growth across 8 markets meant that measuring employee engagement (EE) used to rely on varying approaches from different countries. With a vision of a unified culture, they decided to unify their approach to measuring EE for all their operating companies so that there could be one single source of truth. 

Prior to using EngageRocket, InCorp Global had been using another employee engagement platform for feedback collection. It was underutilized due to the lengthy processes and complexities involved — making it difficult to collect feedback from employees across
the region.

After learning about EngageRocket's BELONG platform, the organization decided that the capabilities and features offered would solve their previous issues. This led to them conducting their first-ever group-wide engagement survey in 2022, run by their headquarters in Singapore. 

With BELONG, the InCorp Global team was able to easily set up and run engagement surveys for all their offices in APAC. They could automate the feedback collection process regularly, allowing the team to monitor the progress of their people initiatives’ results.

BELONG platform also provided translations for the questions asked in the survey. It enables employees from different countries to easily participate using the language they are most comfortable with.


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Utilizing BELONG for a unified employee engagement approach

Through this continuous feedback collection from its employees, InCorp Global identified how each segment — department, cohort, manager, and country — differs in employee engagement levels. 

Being able to identify improvement areas is a crucial step in InCorp Global’s transformative journey to having a unified culture. It emphasizes the importance of selecting the right partner and platform that will help them navigate this process better.

Using the BELONG platform, InCorp managed to seamlessly collect feedback, analyze the results, and plan for their next steps ahead. More specifically, this is how they did the process:


1) Automated the feedback collection routine

The key to a good engagement program is routine and consistent feedback collection. InCorp Global chose to set up annual engagement surveys to keep track of engagement results on a yearly basis.

Using BELONG, InCorp Global automated their global reviews, and each country could conduct additional pulse surveys as and when required. Survey questions, schedules, and communications were prepared ahead of time within the platform. Other features also helped them to maintain employee confidentiality, get real-time results, and send automated reminders to those who haven’t taken the survey.


InCorp EngageRocket Customer Case Study


2) Analyzed survey results to identify improvement areas

BELONG’s comprehensive dashboard allows the organization to gather important insights based on the collected feedback. They could easily compare results between employee cohorts or segments — teams, managers, functions, tenure, countries, and more. From the deep dives, they were able to spot high-risk groups and improvement areas for further action-taking.

Features like custom reports, segment comparison, and eNPS internal and external benchmarking also helped them in doing the analysis. The reports generated by the BELONG platform help the team to communicate these results and insights to stakeholders and decision-makers across the group for further action.


3) Set up an action plan to improve employee engagement

Finally, the team decided to come up with a plan to create initiatives and determine the next steps to take to address their employee concerns. This exercise was needed so both the organization and its employees could align their vision and goals, as well as achieve a unified company culture.

Organizations that need more concrete solutions to help them set up action plans can also utilize EngageRocket's ACT, our latest tools that provide personalized action suggestions and planners for both managers and their team members.





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Achieve a unified approach in measuring and improving employee engagement across for their group company


BELONG: Employee Lifecycle Survey


What InCorp Global said about EngageRocket

"EngageRocket’s platform is very intuitive and easy to use - both in setting up the program and for employees to fill. The insights we got from the platform have been vital in our efforts to unify our employee engagement efforts across our 8 markets.”

Edmund Lee Incorp Global

Edmund Lee, Group Chief Executive Officer of InCorp Global

About EngageRocket's BELONG: Employee Lifecycle Surveys

EngageRocket’s BELONG
Employee Lifecycle Surveys

  • Question Library: Ask research-backed questions & get feedback for on-boarding, engagement, etc
  • Confidentiality: Encourage communication without compromising employee's confidentiality.
  • Build multi-language surveys in one click.
  • Measure program efficiency and analyse the returns on your people initiatives