Redefining culture in the new world of work 
CGS-CIMB partners up with EngageRocket to engage and develop its workforce for the long haul

CGS-CIMB Securities International Pte. Ltd. (“CGS-CIMB”) is one of the leading integrated financial service providers in Asia. It is the financial service provider of choice for both institutional and retail clients with a strong presence in Asia and key markets around the world.

At CGS-CIMB, core values and culture have always been the bedrock of the business. Recognising that the evolving workforce dynamics will change how employers and employees operate, the HR team at CGS-CIMB have taken the proactive approach to ensure both its business and people are able to thrive for the long haul. CGS-CIMB’s overarching people strategies are focused on having future-ready HR policies and practices, so as to engage and develop its people as they navigate the ever changing headwinds.



Southeast Asia


Calibrate people strategies to focus on future-ready HR policies so the organisation can proactively engage and develop its people.



BELONG: Employee Lifecycle Surveys

GROW: 360 Feedback Review

"At CGS-CIMB, people are at the heart of what we do, and we are committed to creating value for our Employees, Customers, Stakeholders and Society.

We believe that businesses can succeed only when the people involved thrive - both internally and externally."

Carol Fong, Group CEO


To this effect, CGS-CIMB has partnered with EngageRocket as a continuation of its efforts to proactively engage and understand the dynamics of their workforce. With over 2,000 employees and more growth expected in the coming years, EngageRocket’s solutions would facilitate CGS-CIMB to automate engagement and feedback from employees through engagement surveys, pulse checks and robust analytics from onboarding to exit. 

The partnership will further augment the HR team’s capabilities to understand specific engagement drivers, gain valuable insights of their workforce, and conduct deep-dive surveys into specific areas. With these capabilities, the team would be better equipped to sharpen its various engagement initiatives, prioritise future strategic HR interventions, and identify development areas for each individual - all of which contribute to the team’s efforts in doing targeted calibrations of their people strategies. 


"Although ways to engage employees may look different today, we believe that the starting point remains the same: we first need to truly understand them. Through our partnership with EngageRocket, we aim to gain meaningful insights about our workforce, take relevant actions to engage them, and make targeted calibrations of our people strategy - now and in the long run."

Samuel Raphael Sobrielo, Head of Human Resources Singapore 

About EngageRocket's BELONG: Employee Lifecycle Surveys

EngageRocket’s BELONG
Employee Lifecycle Surveys

  • Question Library: Ask research-backed questions & get feedback for on-boarding, engagement, etc
  • Confidentiality: Encourage communication without compromising employee's confidentiality.
  • Build multi-language surveys in one click.
  • Measure program efficiency and analyse the returns on your people initiatives

About EngageRocket's GROW: 360 feedback review

EngageRocket’s GROW
360 feedback & peer evaluations

  • Flexible setup: customise questions, rater groups, selection methods, communication and reminders.

  • Large validated competency and question banks

  • Data-driven learning needs analysis

  • Action planner: Set goals, targets, tasks and reminders to encourage personal mastery

  • Follow through closely and monitor progress