How APRW's innovative digital transformation sets the organisation and their people up for success

HR TECHAPRW is the winner of EngageRocket’s Workplace Transformation Awards 2021 for the Best HR Tech Innovation category. This award recognises organisations that implemented technologies to meet the ever-evolving requirements of their workforce.

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From APRW's case, you will learn about:

 ✓ Their success in navigating the transition to remote and hybrid working

 ✓ The digital shift in their performance review system

 ✓ How they took relevant follow-up actions based on data

 ✓ What organisations can take away from APRW's success




Southeast Asia


Measure and improve employees’ performance during the transition to remote working.


GROW: 360 Feedback Review


APRW found success in transforming their performance feedback system due to the team’s innovative mindset, a platform that suits their needs, and their strategic approach in the implementation.

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What APRW has to say about us

"The pandemic has expedited our digital journey overnight as we needed to ensure social cohesion with our employees working in a remote setting remains strong. Adopting an employee experience solution like EngageRocket with advanced analytical capabilities allowed us to meet a higher standard of excellence as a team, individually, and professionally."

APRW_Rebecca Rebecca Ng, General Manager

“We needed a platform that is user-friendly, providing an overview of the data gathered on a dashboard. This gives us clear insights and allows us to focus on action plans for our employees which is crucial for their development.
In addition, EngageRocket’s customer success team provides timely support to my queries and openness to ideas and solutioning.”

APRW_Neha Neha Khare, Admin and HR Executive

About EngageRocket's GROW: 360 feedback review

EngageRocket’s GROW
360 feedback & peer evaluations

  • Flexible setup: customise questions, rater groups, selection methods, communication and reminders.

  • Large validated competency and question banks

  • Data-driven learning needs analysis

  • Action planner: Set goals, targets, tasks and reminders to encourage personal mastery

  • Follow through closely and monitor progress