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Why does your company need pulse surveys now




Learning topics
  • Entering an era of unprecedented change - Why we need pulse surveys now
  • Charting uncharted waters - What to track in pulse surveys
  • Nuts & bolts - How to integrate pulse surveys successfully within my organisation





Academy Pulse 101 L1

Lesson 1: The next normal at the workplace – why we need pulse surveys now

Lesson Description

The workplace is becoming increasingly digital, and the business environment is more VUCA than ever. Winning the hearts and minds of your best talent, people who can help organisations survive and thrive in uncertainty, starts with listening to and acting on their feedback in real-time.


1. Impact of COVID situation & Circuit Breaker on the workforce

  • Scale of WFH in Singapore alone
  • Speed of transition to remote working
  • The next normal: data already showing high openness to increased WFH post-COVID
  • Macro factors impacting mental well-being & engagement of workforce for the medium term

2. Engagement: Shifting from Programme to Platform

  • No longer business-as-usual: with old feedback methods companies are leading their people blind
  • Feedback & analytics platform approach necessary to tackle the next normal
Academy Pulse 101 l2

Lesson 2: Charting uncharted waters – what to track in pulse surveys

Lesson Description

With a rapidly changing workplace and the need to get a understand the employee experience at a deeper level, pulse surveys can be a powerful tool for real-time feedback analysis and action. However, are pulse surveys just shorter versions of annual surveys? Or are there different design considerations?


1. Starting with the end in mind: what do I want from my pulse surveys?

  • Hypothesis design - what makes a good hypothesis? How do we translate this to surveys?
  • Frequency - what is the right frequency to send surveys?
  • Lifecycle analysis - the next evolution of personalising the employee experience

2. The anatomy of a pulse survey questionnaire

  • Trending vs current issues
  • To benchmark or not to benchmark?

3. Bonus: where does employee engagement fit in all of this?

  • Constructing a good index of employee engagement
  • Analytical hacks and eNPS as a proxy
academy Pulse 101 l3

Lesson 3: Nuts and bolts - how to to integrate pulse surveys successfully within my organisation

Lesson Description

Moving from only conducting ad hoc surveys or from the traditional annual surveys towards a system of pulse surveys can be daunting. This lesson gives you a primer into the things to consider in making a successful shift, and how to make it stick.


1. Building a success plan: why failing to plan is planning to fail

  • Introducing Strangefruit Corp
  • Identifying triggers: how you know if you need to get started
  • Success plan template: What you need to consider

2. Launching your first survey

  • Shrink the change: start where you are at
  • Participation rates: What do you really need?
  • Grow your people: managers are key. Help them help themselves.

3.Make it an organisational habit

  • Embed into ongoing operations
  • The magic of the Accountability Index
  • Common pitfalls: "Engagement champions", hard KPIs
academy Pulse 101 l4

Lesson 4: Management alchemy - how to generate insight from data, and convert that to effective management action?

Lesson Description

Now that the pulse survey results are in, what kind of analysis and action should I be looking at? This lesson runs through an overview of how employee survey data can be treated to generate insights consistently. More importantly, the analysis points towards action: how should leaders drive action and stay accountable, while using pulse surveys and a continuous listening infrastructure as guiderails.


1. Introduction to basic survey analytics

  • Statistical significance and population sampling
  • Averages and percentages
  • Comparing results
  • Trend analysis
  • Benchmarking

2. Introduction to advanced analytics

  • Correlation analysis
  • Impact analysis & regressions
  • Natural Language Processing: Sentiment & Topic analysis
  • Cohort analysis

3. Analysing survey meta-data

  • Data visualisations: Beyond bar and line charts
  • Actions: bite-sized over ambitious workplans
  • Setting goals - OKRs, the Progress Principle
  • Managing performance
  • Pulse surveys as guide-rails

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Insights for Leaders

Interview with Nanang Chakid, VP People at Tokopedia

Interview with Chin Yin Ong, Head of People at Grab

Interview with Professor Fermin Diez, Deputy CEO & Group director, Social Service Institute 





2020 Research Report |
The Resilience of the Singapore Workforce

The most comprehensive comparable dataset on workplace sentiment through the start of the pandemic.