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Find out how you can design a world-class employee experience in all aspects with learnings from our award winners



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”People are at the heart of all that we do. We are driven by the purpose to help our employees develop and craft their career experience together with Intrepid Group.”


Intrepid Group Asia, GOLD winner of Employer of Choice category


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Snippets of winning practices


Emphasize on people development, training and future-proofing

Top organizations use multiple channels for L&D, including in-house academies. They also prioritize continuous learning, while tracking and measuring its impact on the bottom line


Embrace digital transformation as a key pillar of the business

Top companies actively find improvement areas that require digital intervention. They adopt technology to streamline business processes, improve operational resilience, and simplify employees' lives.


Invest in stronger human connections across all layers

These top organizations pay close attention to what employees say, think, and do, through continuous listening. Based on this, they initiate timely follow-up actions to deliver a winning employee experience.


Regularly track and measure people initiatives’ effectiveness

The ability to measure employee experience is a common thread across the winners. One key highlight is the emphasis on collecting employee feedback, such as through annual engagement surveys.

"At NTUC Health, we encourage our employees to constantly challenge themselves to grow and develop new skills which will also help them with their career progression. We put our leaders through customized learning programs, to equip them with the necessary leadership skills, to effectively lead their team while growing a positive culture, and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the industry."

Nursing Homes | Elderly Care Services | NTUC Health Elderly Care

NTUC Health Cooperative Ltd, SILVER winner of Best Leadership Development



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Awards Best Practices Cover


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