Improve employee experience with real-time people analytics


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 Our Solutions


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Employee lifecycle surveys


Employee Lifecycle Survey

Track & improve employee engagement at all stages of the employee journey

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360 feedback & peer evaluations



Identify the competency and skill gaps to grow your talents  

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Continuous performance management


Continuous performance management

Manage performance effectively and drive business outcomes

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Why EngageRocket?


Employee Feedback

Gain visibility

  • Effortlessly collect accurate data & employee feedback

  • Analyse all employee experience data in one platform

People Analytics

Make better decisions

  • Manage people with real data, not gut feel

  • Get started easily with proven success strategies


Drive performance

Employee Retention

Reduce talent attrition



Improving the employee experience

for more than 30,000 employees


Employee Experience

Getting feedback from all my outlets in real-time helps to monitor the motivation and productivity of my staff, that directly impacts our customer. Deliberately managing our culture in this way is a competitive advantage.

- FILIPPO FANIN, CEO of Brotzeit


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