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Every employee deserves to be heard and rewarded for their contributions. The solutions from EngageRocket and Rewardz make it easy for that to happen.

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Recognition is a top driver of engagement, but is one of the 5 lowest scoring areas for many organisations.* 

Let’s change that.


Source: *Quantum Workplace

management iconMeasure your employee engagement in real time with automated feedback collection


integrate iconConduct employee surveys and find out your rewards and recognition (R&R) score


pay iconMake your employees feel appreciated with relevant, trackable staff recognition program

Track and improve employee experience with EngageRocket


Ask the right questions to gauge employee engagement easily, at any time

EngageRocket’s employee engagement tool helps companies collect relevant feedback. Run pulse surveys or employee lifecycle surveys easily with scientific question library, robust analytics, and impact analysis.


EngageRocket automated employee feedback collection


EngageRocket enps employee engagement platform


Show your appreciation with Rewardz’ robust R&R platform



Make your employees feel appreciated and empower them to choose the rewards they desire

Build a culture of continuous recognition with GPT3-powered peer appreciations, automated birthday wishes, employee incentives, service awards and more with our powerful points based platform. Your employees will be able to redeem these points across our inbuilt reward catalogue of over 1,000+ partners!

Rewardz employee rewards platform


Rewardz rewards and recognition analytics


About EngageRocket and Rewardz


EngageRocket is APAC's fastest-growing employee experience platform that empowers organisations to enable human connections at scale. 
Companies across 14 countries and 20 industries such as Sephora, Toyota, Nikon, CGS-CIMB and Epson use EngageRocket to gain relevant and timely people-insights.

With EngageRocket, organisations can automate employee engagement surveys, conduct 360° performance feedback, and gain insights based on employee experience data easily.

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Rewardz is among the leading employee recognition and reward players across Asia. Our purpose is to create moments of joy in a world where you always feel valued.

We empower our clients to reward their employees, customers and channel partners with ease. Rewardz manages over 1.5 million users across our platforms and offers a marketplace of gift vouchers, experiences, merchandise and more in over 26 countries with 1,000+ merchants.

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