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COVID-19: Insights for leaders


insights for leaders

The internet giant Tokopedia was a step ahead when the crisis hit the shores of Indonesia. We interviewed Nanang Chalid, VP of People to get a sense of what it was like responding to the crisis.


insights for leaders

We speak with Carl Nicholas Ng, Chief Operating Officer at Lifetrack Medical Systems - an agile company leading the fight against COVID-19 through distributing access to imaging-technology.



insights for leaders

Chin Yin Ong, Head of People at Grab, talks about how to continuously engage your employees. Watch the interview to learn about how people leaders can create a big impact on business outcomes.

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Past events


Banner Aug 20

Webinar: The Resilience
of the Singapore Workforce

An exclusive panel discussion with HR leaders from Sanofi, Samsung, Under Armour and Expert Humans. Watch our complimentary webinar to learn about the findings from the report

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Panel PT Web learning edition (1)
PeopleTALKS 2020: Series 1 • 05 Mar 2020

The Multi-Generational Workforce


Points covered:




Redefining Leadership Practices for the Multi-Generational Workforce. How to build a strong culture within a multi-generational workplace





How to reimagine skills development across generations




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PeopleTALKS 2019: Series 3 • 23 OCT 2019

The Future of HR: AI or People?

Points covered:




How to address the new competencies an HR leader needs to have. How automation and AI are transforming the EVP from pre-hire to separation. Great place to work: Collecting, measuring and leveraging the employee experience data.








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Ranked: 8.5/10

"It was excellent, one of the most interactive and authentic sharing with what each panellist does at their workplace" 

"Everything was perfect"






Watch the recording of the previous webinar with Low Peck Kem, President, SHRI and Board Member, IHRP, Catherine Chia, CHRO at Starhub, and Shaun Ee, HR Director at Asia Pacific Breweries.




PeopleTALKS 2019: Series 2 • 5 Sep 2019

HR Analytics: from insight to action, demystifying employee experience data

Points covered:




Collecting, measuring and leveraging the employee experience data. How to get started. How to get true buy-in from every level of the organization. How to address the new competencies an HR leader needs to have.


PeopleTALKS 2019: Series 1 • 17 Jul 2019

The roadmap for Organisational Transformation

When it comes to communicating to employees about their performance, what are the challenges leaders may want to take note of (and steer away from), and what opportunities are there that leaders can leverage to drive performance for the organisation?




PeopleTALKS 2019: Series 4 • 06 nov 2019

Hacking Performance Conversations

Points covered:




How to address performance management systems that appear  when your goals are different, and you have to work out processes that work for you.





How to rethink biases when assessing employees.



Creating self-realized goals and taking ownership of performance.








We encourage our participants to deep dive into the topic with us, and share their perspectives.

Vicnan Pannirselvam, Head of Organisational Strategy and Change at Gojek, on the challenges HR must overcome in order to succeed in today's changing times.


Lina Tang, SVP of HR at DBS shares her perspective of People Talks and some thoughts on the digitalisation of HR.

We interview Rahul Daswani, Head of People and Culture at Open Government Products on his thoughts on how the performance management process can be viewed with new perspectives.

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