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Employee surveys have become a common practice in today's workplace to boost engagement, improve retention and increase productivity. Capturing feedback is about more than listening. The real value comes when the insights collected are turned into real action plans. 

When organizations choose to sit on survey results rather than take any action to make improvements, this can cause a reverse effect on its employees.

How can managers play a role in coming up with a well-defined action plan in order to build and retain high-performing teams? In this masterclass, we will help you understand how your people managers can take action based on data.


What you will learn:

✔️ Measuring employee engagement

✔️ Why it matters to take action on survey results

✔️ Who is responsible for action taking?

✔️ Making the change - How to take action?


Who is this for:

✔️ HR, business leaders, and managers 

✔️ HR and managers who are looking to improve employee engagement 

✔️ HR and managers who are looking for actionable recommendations and practical insights 

✔️ All other professionals who wish to know how to utilize HR analytics for business decision making

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Date: 26 January 2023 / 21 March 2023

Time: 11 AM Singapore Time (GMT+8).


Duration: 40 minutes plus live Q&A



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Empower leaders, so your people can thrive

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Help People leaders build high-performing teams

  • Empower managers to identify what's important for their teams
  • Equip leaders with personalised Action Suggestions and Conversation Points based on People Science


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Get powerful insights in real-time Share accountability to create a lasting impact

  • Automate action taking process and track progress in real time
  • Prioritise areas that needs to work on right now through data collected Encourage manager autonomy to free up more time for strategic decisions

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Drive meaningful change with powerful insights in real-time

  • Access Library of best practice Action Plans based on EngageRocket's scientifically-validated drivers
  • Give managers the tool they need to make their people succeed individually and as a team


Start building high-performing work teams remotely today!


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