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Engage your talent from day one




Understand your people



Get actionable insights


reduce attrition

Reduce unwanted attrition




How Belong works


Employee lifecycle

Capture the employee journey

  • Multiple touchpoints from onboarding to separation

  • Preserve confidentiality and data integrity

Employee Engagement

Continuous listening

  • Analyse employee experience in real-time

  • Automated feedback collection



Get feedback effortlessly




Employee Lifecycle Question Library 

Ask research-backed questions and get timely accurate feedback for each lifecycle stage: on-boarding, engagement, and more. 


Survey questions employee

Communication Plans

Achieve high participation rates and get buy-in from everyone, every time.


Acknowledge & Clarify

Encourage two-way communication without compromising employee's confidentiality.


Multiple Language Supported

Build multi-language surveys in one click.

Meet our customers




"We needed a solution for measuring and confirming that all of our employees remains aligned with Tokopedia’s mission.

Through this renewed partnership with EngageRocket, we are maximizing the strength of or HR data as a basis for improving HR processes and systems to provide a better experience for all employees."

Libertha Hutapea, Head of Talent,


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Alice JV


"We used to run our annual survey using free tools, with lots of time spent analysing the data. We decided to leverage the functionalities of Belong and the result has been 10x our expectations.

Easy to use, lots of insights from EngageRocket, lots of data to slice and dice and a better experience for our founders.

We will now be able to track results in a consistent manner and run surveys in a more sustainable way."

Alice Besomi, VP,

Jungle Ventures


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Preserve confidentiality
& data integrity 


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Align individual
and business goals






Get powerful insights in real-time




Action Drivers

Slice and dice the data, filter up to two layers to uncover which areas of your organization need priority right now.  



Lifecycle Insights 

Measure programs efficiency and analyse the returns on your people initiatives.Track employee loyalty and engagement in real time.


Key Metrics for Managers

Managers can also slice and dice their own data to have greater depth of the results for their team. 



warning attrition



Early Warning System 

Know when your people want to leave before they do and reduce regrettable attrition.


Customised Reports 

Customise and export reports to a variety of formats that are ready to share instantly.



Screenshot 2021-01-18 at 10.57.20 AM

How Rentokil's People First strategy kept staff retention and engagement high during a crisis

"We chose a proactive approach to employee communication during this crisis. Over the course of the pandemic, we ran two runs of WFH surveys with our partner EngageRocket, and were thus able to provide insights and areas of improvement for our HR team at each of the locations."

Paul Cochrane, Regional Managing Director, Asia, Rentokil Initial Asia Pacific


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Take immediate action based on data


Benchmark HR



Intelligent Action Planning 

Action plan with immediate ROI on targeted drivers of engagement.


Benchmark Internally and Externally 

Use benchmarks to improve efficiency and take your organization to the next level.





sla 3Learn how the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) streamlined onboarding and ensured employee engagement in tumultuous times

From January 2020, SLA leveraged the EngageRocket platform to conduct surveys and obtain real-time insights at crucial points of the employee journey.

This included the on-boarding process for new joiners, as well as during COVID-19 and post-circuit-breaker period to understand the change in employee expectations and any new requirements that might be emerging.


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